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Thu, October 6, 2022 | 07:34
About the past - Robert Neff
High price of rice in 1897
In the late fall of 1897, the general Korean population was worried about the ever-increasing prices in local markets. Housewives were quite pleased to discover that imported salt was reasonably inexpensive and cabbages and turnips were found in great abundance. The local newsp...
Toils of farming in late 19th century
Farmers have always played a vital role in society, but in the late 19th century, they were often overlooked by the pens of visiting Western writers and only occasionally captured in their photographs. While many of these images are unflattering, they are - through their relati...
Military parade during Joseon Dynasty
They say everyone loves a parade - especially a military parade. In late 1888, Frank G. Carpenter, an American travel writer, had the opportunity of reviewing some of Joseon Korea's soldiers - the old and the new. His observations were brutal.
Imbricated Chaos - Emanuel Pastreich
In defense of Donald John Trump
The lawyers employed by Donald Trump have amassed an impressive pile of arguments to defend him against charges that he incited a mob of his supporters to stage an armed insurrection in the Capitol and to murder people in an effort to stop the selection of his democratically el...
The nightmare born when technology took the place of science
Even small children are starting to sense that we live in an age when literally none of the information provided is reliable or believable. Information on a global scale is subject increasingly to Gresham's Law: low-quality information spreads everywhere and the truth is hoarde...
'Silhak' tradition as a solution to the current geopolitical crisis
South Koreans are having tremendous trouble grasping how familiar political and academic institutions in the United States have ceased to function as they once did. Koreans are confused to see Harvard professors promote nonsensical arguments about COVID-19 or to see politicians...
Voices from the North - Casey Lartigue Jr.
A North Korean refugee learns about Harvard
I attended elementary school for only one year when I was growing up in North Korea. My life was unstable in North Korea as I moved from home to home, my mom and I were homeless for a while, and I was usually starving and in poverty.
North Korean's bubble of certainty
It has been said “Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven.” My name is Lee Seo-hyun. I am a North Korean escapee who gave up the certain opportunity to thrive in hell, and instead fled my native country to face certain uncertainty. My experience as a North Korean escapee m...
Why do NK refugees take to the stage?
On August 27, 2022, Freedom Speakers International (FSI) will be holding its 16th English Speech Contest. North Korean refugees were asked motivated them to participate in the contest.-Ed.
Korea: deConstructed - David Tizzard
On Korea and Britain: Small talk intensifies
“It might be a stereotype but I've always had the impression that Korean students are quite robotic. That they just study. Lack creativity,” he said as we smoked Cuban cigars outside a chapel. My younger brother had just gotten married in the south of England and many of his fr...
On Modernity: Korea and the West
To define whether or not a country is modern is a rather difficult thing. Some of us instinctually reach for economic factors as a mark of a state's development. The simple equation being: the more cash it has, the more modern it is. Yet such figures can be deceiving. Rather th...
Han Byung-chul and the Beauty of Yeobek
We live in a world filled with people marked by imperfections. People like you and I. Amidst buildings that are damaged, with rainy days, and blue moods. And it is our flaws and our limitations that make us real. These qualities make us human. Mortal.
Parchment Made of Sheepskins - Scott Shepherd
The Cookie Controversy
The past month has seen a controversy erupt surrounding the newly debuted K-pop group NewJeans, most members of which are under age 19, as listeners complain that the lyrics of the song “Cookie” have sexual undertones.
They 'censored' you up, your mum and dad
The opening line of “This Be The Verse”, Philip Larkin's famous poem on parenthood, is far too vulgar for the delicate sensibilities of a reader of The Korea Times, so I won't repeat it here. But as those well-read in British poetry know, the central claim of Larkin's poem is t...
Have we ever had it so good?
In 1957 British Prime Minister Harold MacMillan gave a speech where he famously said that most Britons had “never had it so good.”
Dialogues with adoptees
Dutch Korean artist's project: The Mother Mountain Institute of Sara Sejin Chang
Korean adoptee artists have garnered attention in the western countries where they live, but their works remain relatively unfamiliar to people in their country of origin. This obscurity isn't due to a lack of effort on the part of the adoptees. Despite their attempts to engage...
Adoptee's journey tracing her mother, origin and heritage
I feel the weight of knowing that I represent one out of hundreds of thousands of Koreans who were sent overseas through international adoption. I'm an independent film director and I have spent most of my adult life trying to find my way back to Korea to look for profound answ...
Today's inter-country adoption system is not fit for purpose
I will first comment on where we are today in terms of inter-country adoption (ICA) practice at the global level, then consider our experience of the outcomes of a suspension of ICAs, and finally - in all modesty as an outsider - offer some thoughts on what the path forward for...

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