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Tue, January 31, 2023 | 22:59
FSS finds evidence of suspicious crypto-related currency exchanges at Shinhan, Woori
Shinhan Bank and Woori Bank are in the hot seat after it turned out that some of their suspicious foreign exchange trading has been linked with local cryptocurrency exchanges. 신한은행과 우리은행의 이상 외환거래 일부가 국내 가상화폐 거래소와 관련되어 있다는 사실이 드러나면서 이들 은행이 곤욕을 치르고 있다.
Motels becoming haven for teens playing PC games at night
An increasing number of teenagers in Korea are heading to unstaffed motels at night to use the venues to play computer games, raising concerns about the facilities' lack of monitoring against underage visitors. 컴퓨터 게임을 하는 장소로 무인 모텔을 사용하는 한국의 10대들이 점점 증가하며 미성년 방문자에 대한 관리가 부족한 모텔을 향한 우려의 목소리가 커지고 있다.
[Editorial] Toward better relations
Foreign Minister Park Jin met with his Japanese counterpart Yoshimasa Hayashi in Tokyo on Tuesday to discuss pending bilateral issues, such as compensation for South Korean victims of Japan's wartime forced labor. 박진 외교부장관은 화요일 도쿄에서 하야시 요시마사 일본 외무상과 만나 일제 강제징용 피해자에 대한 보상 문제 등 양국 간 현안에 대해 논의했다.
'Extraordinary Attorney Woo's' take on autism spectrum becomes sensation
Autism spectrum characters have popped up in Korean dramas or films once in a while. Yet, it seemed very rare for those characters to become the center of the show's spotlight, as they are rather placed in minor or supporting roles. 자폐 스펙트럼을 가진 인물은 한국 드라마나 영화에 종종 등장한다. 하지만 주로 단역 혹은 조연으로 배정되기 때문에 이런 인물이 드라마의 중심이 되는 경우는 매우 드물다.
Embassies show solidarity at Seoul Queer Culture Festival
Small and large rainbow flags waved in Seoul Plaza, Saturday, as the Seoul Queer Culture Festival (SQCF) returned after taking two years off during the pandemic, with ever stronger support from a handful of foreign envoys in Korea. 팬데믹 동안 2년 연속 취소되었던 서울퀴어문화축제가 일부 주한 외국대사관들의 더 강력한 지지를 받으며 돌아와 토요일 시청에는 크고 작은 무지개 깃발이 넘실댔다.
Virginia Tech students' visit
A group of students and faculty from Virginia Tech Pamplin College of Business pose after their visit to The Korea Times as part of their international study tour, Wednesday. They had a session to discuss K-pop and Korean culture with the newspaper's staff. Korea Times photo by Shim Hyun-chul.
'Jack In The Box': BTS' J-Hope goes solo, lays bare ambitions, anguish
When J-Hope of K-pop sensation BTS revealed the title of his debut solo album, "Jack In The Box," many people guessed it would give off a fun and playful vibe that suits his bright and positive image. K팝 돌풍을 일으킨 방탄소년단의 제이홉이 첫 솔로 앨범명 '잭 인 더 박스'를 공개했을 때 많은 이들은 그의 밝고 긍정적인 이미지에 어울리는 즐겁고 장난스러운 분위기를 보여줄 것으로 예측했다.
Customs agency warns against buying weapons online from overseas
The number of weapons purchased directly from overseas online malls are on a sharp rise, the Korea Customs Service (KCS) said Thursday, warning that the shipment of such goods into the country without authorization is illegal. 목요일 관세청은 해외 온라인 직구를 통한 무기류 구매가 급격히 늘어나고 있다며 이러한 물품들의 허가 없는 국내 반입은 불법이라고 경고했다.
'They do it because they think they can get away with it'
What do steel manufacturers, electrical device makers, banks, savings banks, securities firms, community credit cooperatives, cosmetics firms and telecommunication service providers have in common? 철강 제조업체, 전자기기 제조사, 은행, 저축은행, 증권사, 지역 신용협동조합, 화장품 회사와 통신사의 공통점은 무엇일까?
Book shows how migrant women in rural Okcheon joined hands to seek their rights
Many migrant women in Korea are foreigners who married Korean men who live primarily in rural areas. These marriage migrants also refer to themselves as "the first daughters of poor families." 국내 이주여성 대부분은 지방에 거주하는 한국 남자와 결혼한 외국인들이다. 이러한 결혼 이주여성들은 스스로를 “가난한 가정의 장녀”라 칭한다.