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Sun, February 25, 2024 | 16:57
[EDITORIAL] Recurring human disasters
Government should take more responsibility for mishap 정부, 참사에 책임지는 자세 가져야
[DEAR ABBY] Middle-aged daughter takes no responsibility in life
DEAR ABBY: My 40-year-old daughter has never grown up. 애비 선생님께: 40세인 제 딸은 아직도 철이 들지 않았습니다.
[WORLD] Fukushima water release raises worries about businesses
IWAKI (AP) - Beach season has started across Japan, which means seafood for holiday makers and good times for business owners. 이와키(AP) - 일본 전역에서 휴가객은 수산물을, 자영업자는 호황기를 기대하는 여름철 휴가시즌을 앞두고 있다.
[CULTURE] 'The Phantom of the Opera' now lives beneath the Charlotte Theater in Seoul
Musical 'The Phantom of the Opera' to run through Nov. 17 뮤지컬 '오페라의 유령,’ 11월 17일까지 공연
[NATIONAL] Stabbing in Sillim raises calls for countermeasures
In the wake of a stabbing rampage, in which a 33-year-old man killed one man and injured three others, Friday, there are growing calls for the country's criminal justice system to explore countermeasures for such crimes. 한 남성(33)이 흉기를 휘둘러 한 명이 숨지고 세 명이 다친 사건이 발생한 후 국내법 집행 체계가 '묻지마 범죄’에 대한 대책을 모색해야 한다는 목소리가 커지고 있다.
[LIFESTYLE] K-beauty: What does it cost to be beautiful?
Hana Kim is a Korean American who thinks the beauty standards in Korea are outrageous and toxic for women of all ages. 김하나는 한국계 미국인으로, 한국의 미적 기준이 비현실적이고 여성들에게 유해하다고 생각한다.
[NATIONAL] Teachers exposed to abuse and assault at schools due to lack of protection
An elementary school teacher in Seoul took her own life recently, apparently unable to handle complaints from demanding parents. 최근 서울의 한 초등학교 교사가 학부모들의 많은 요구와 민원을 감당하지 못하고 스스로 목숨을 끊었다.
[NATIONAL] Next year's hourly minimum wage raised 2.5% to 9,860 won
Labor, business circles both unhappy about new wage hike 노동계, 경영계 모두 이번 인상안에 불만 표출
[DEAR ABBY] Man's decisions in life are made to please others
DEAR ABBY: I’m a 54-year-old gay man who has spent his life making decisions with everyone else in mind. 애비 선생님께: 저는 54세 남성 동성애자로, 살면서 결정을 내릴 때 항상 다른 사람들을 고려합니다.
[LIFESTYLE] From traditional to trendy, guided tour of Busan's diverse culinary scene
Visit Busan Pass offers shortcut to local delicacies, tourist attractions for foreign independent travelers '비짓부산패스,’ 외국인 나홀로 여행객을 위한 현지 별미, 관광명소 코스 안내
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