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Reporter : Yoon Ja-young
Thu, July 7, 2022 | 12:51
Korea's nuclear phase-out plan raises net-zero dilemma
With 24 reactors in operation, Korea ranks as the world's sixth-largest producer of energy from nuclear power. But the country began losing its luster as a leader in the industry after President Moon Jae-in introduced his plan to phase out the energy source when he took office in 2017, citing safety concerns. However, the Moon administration is facing a major dilemma, as the ...
Rolex watches, gold bars traded in online secondhand markets
Online secondhand markets were typically places to buy and sell small, miscellaneous items, but they are expanding quickly in terms of the range of products. An increasing number of people in the country are putting luxurious goods and even gold bars up for sale and such transactions are raising suspicion of attempting to avoid taxes.
North Korean leader's weight loss leads to diverse speculation
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who seems to have succeeded in a rigorous diet plan, is facing diverse speculation due to his change in appearance. Following speculation of him being sick, now there are rumors that he was murdered, which South Korea's spy agency rebut.
Doctors at top hospitals spend only 4 minutes per patient: data
Patients who go to the top hospitals in Korea usually wait for more than an hour but they usually see the doctor for only about four minutes, and this situation seems to be only worsening.
Spy agency monitoring foreign nationals who threatened Afghan evacuees: report
Taliban fighters stand guard after an explosion in Kabul, Afghanistan, Oct. 20. AP-Yonhap By Yoon Ja-youngKorea's spy agency is monitoring foreign nationals residing here who have posted threats on social media against Afghan evacuees, a local newspaper repo...
High inheritance tax hampering entrepreneurship
Oct. 25 marks the first anniversary of the death of Samsung Group Chairman Lee Kun-hee. During the past year, the bereaved family handled a huge task: paying 12 trillion won ($10.1 billion) in inheritance tax. The family, which obtained loans to pay the tax, recently decided to sell 2 trillion won worth of shares. The story has turned the spotlight on Korea's high inheritance...
Kim Jong-un's half-brother was linked with South Korea's spy agency: report
Kim Jong-nam, the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who was murdered in Malaysia in 2017, was linked to South Korea's National Intelligence Service (NIS), according to a report by South Korean broadcaster SBS, Tuesday.
Weather forecaster warns of disappearing spring and fall
Many Koreans cite “four distinct seasons” as uniquely characterizing the country, but this historical climactic character may change soon. With many people startled by the early cold wave currently gripping the nation, a weather forecaster has said that spring and fall may virtually disappear from Korea's four seasons.
Chanel sets '1 bag per person per year' rule in Korea
Chanel has started restricting the number of bags each customer can buy in Korea. In the case of some popular bags, a single person can now buy only one per year. According to the Hankook Ilbo, the sister paper of The Korea Times, Chanel Korea has adopted a new policy in which each customer can buy one Timeless Classic flap bag and one Coco Handle hand bag per year.
EDGC applies for cancer detection technology patent in US
A Korean genetic sequencing firm has taken a step towards the commercialization of its liquid biopsy technology, which aims at detecting early stage cancer with a simple blood test and suggesting optimized treatment.
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