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Reporter : Yoon Ja-young
Sun, December 5, 2021 | 11:13
Rolex watches become hot investment
Rolex watches have become a hot investment item in Korea, as it is getting harder and harder to find the luxury watches, due to restricted supply coupled with soaring demand.
Soaring housing prices make viewers turn cynical toward some reality TV shows
A scene from "I Live Alone" / Courtesy of MBCBy Yoon Ja-youngAmid skyrocketing housing prices, viewers are increasingly turning cynical toward some reality TV shows that peek into luxurious homes and lifestyles of celebrities.MBC's reality show “I Live Alone,” also known as “Home Alone,” is one of them. Following the lives of celebrity singles, it has ...
Pandemic brings some positive changes to Koreans' health: study
Many people feared that they would gain much weight as they stayed home more due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but a recent study showed that it is not true. In fact, Koreans have become healthier in some diagnostic tests such as blood sugar and cholesterol tests, and this may be partly due to positive effect of eating at home, experts say.
Doctors arrested on 'ghost surgery' charges
Doctors working for a spine surgery hospital in the western port city of Incheon have been arrested on charges of surrogate surgery, in which they allegedly made office workers without medical licenses take part in the operations.
Food poisoning cases lead consumers to shun gimbap
A series of food poisoning incidents at restaurants that sell gimbap are making consumers shun the staple Korean dish.
INGINE inks Canada deal to develop onshore wave energy system
Korea's wave power generation system developer INGINE signed a deal to develop an onshore wave energy system in Canada, which will contribute to the supply of renewable and clean energy for a remote First Nations community.
Stagflation concerns return to haunt financial markets
The spread of the Delta variant of COVID-19, coupled with inflationary pressure, have led to concerns over stagflation in the United States. Korea is also not immune to such concerns, with economists saying the government should prioritize the acceleration of vaccinations and reaching herd immunity as soon as possible. A number of U.S. media outlets recently reported that con...
Beware of heat stroke
As a heat wave is currently hitting the country, some people's lives - even of those who are young - are being lost due to exposure to the high temperatures. Doctors stress that heat stroke can be life-threatening.
Sri Lankan worker dies in industrial accident after working 18 consecutive hours
A Sri Lankan worker at a plastic manufacturing factory in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province, died in an industrial accident. He had been working for 18 consecutive hours to meet a deadline.
How to save energy while using air conditioning
As air conditioners are being left on for most of the day due to the current heat wave, there comes the perennial concern over electricity bills. Some people are using their own tactics, such as turning off the air conditioner when it reaches the temperature they want, or using the dehumidifier mode to reduce power consumption, but not all of them are helpful.
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