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Reporter : Yoon Ja-young
Fri, July 1, 2022 | 01:12
Singles frustrated by Korea's marriage-centric social norms
While an increasing number of Koreans are choosing the single life, they are irritated by social norms centered on married people. They are supposed to offer their married friends gifts for various life events, but without any chance of seeing the same come back to them.
Court rules refugees eligible for public rental housing
Foreign nationals who have refugee status in Korea have the same right to apply for public rental housing as Korean nationals, according to a local court ruling.
Expert criticizes Korea's college entrance exam for being too difficult
An education expert who previously administered the country's annual college entrance exam said that that test should be scrapped, as it now only has excessively tricky questions that go beyond what's taught in high school classes.
20,000 won for fried chicken: Consumers complain over price hikes by chicken franchises
With chicken franchises hiking prices steeply recently, consumers are expressing their frustration that the popular food is now far too expensive for many.
Support for eccentric presidential hopeful nearing 5%
A presidential hopeful who has been known for his seemingly unrealistic pledges as well as his eccentric remarks and behaviors is seeing his support rate surge. He is asking for more support so that voters can see him in a major presidential debate with the candidates of the two main parties.
For many Korean high school seniors, winter is the season for plastic surgery
Now that the annual college entrance exam, the College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT), is over, hundreds of thousands of students, who will graduate from high school in a couple of months, have a long list of post-exam plans, such as traveling or getting their driver's licenses.
Korea's first Omicron patients face online wrath after private info leaked
gettyimagesbank By Yoon Ja-youngPrivate information about the couple who first tested positive for the Omicron variant of COVID-19 in Korea has been leaked online. While some blame the couple for giving false information about their whereabouts to health aut...
Car owners suffering from parking shortage
While the number of cars has been increasing steeply over the past decade, parking spaces haven't been growing to meet demand in most of the big cities in Korea, resulting in the chronic and worsening parking shortage problem.
North Korean teen sentenced to 14-year forced labor for watching 'The Man from Nowhere': report
A North Korean teenager was reportedly sentenced to 14 years' forced labor for watching just five minutes of a South Korean film.
Government's Christmas carol campaign faces backlash from Buddhists
The government campaign to promote a festive spirit to the public through Christmas carols during the year-end season is facing a strong backlash from Buddhists.
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