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Mon, September 25, 2023 | 01:39
Overheating housing market
People pack the hall during a housing market trend seminar held at COEX in southern Seoul, Friday. Apartment prices in Seoul marked the steepest rise in 30 weeks as the city's announcement of development plans attracted investors. / Yonhap
Income gap widens to worst level in decade
Income polarization between the rich and poor has widened to the worst level in a decade, with the government's income-led growth policy failing to lead to fatter paychecks for those in middle- and low-income brackets.
Korea needs to fix income-led growth strategy
While the faltering job indices are pulling down President Moon Jae-in's approval rating, the administration seems to have lost a clue where it should begin. Economists agree it should modify the income-led economic growth strategy which was basis of the steep minimum wage hike.
ABL Life unveils insurance for diabetes, hypertension
Diabetes, hypertension and cardio-cerebrovascular diseases are common these days, but it isn't easy for those with such problems to prepare for the future with insurance.
FTC gives up exclusive right to file cases
The Fair Trade Commission (FTC) has agreed to give up its exclusive rights to file complaints about antitrust cases, such as price collusion or supply restriction.
Finance minister signals major policy shift to revive sagging job market
The finance minister said Sunday that the government will consider modifying economic policies if necessary to cope with deteriorating job market figures.
Job crisis may delay BOK's rate hike
The central bank is unlikely to hike its key interest rate in the coming months due to a worsening job crisis. The Bank of Korea (BOK) had signaled that it would raise the key rate either in August or September, with the interest rate gap between Korea and the United States widening.
Students honored for promoting Korean culture abroad
The World Korean Foundation announced Friday that it has designated student ambassadors to promote Korean culture abroad.
Finance minister needs more authority
Economy and Finance Minister Kim Dong-yeon is known as a man who acts according to his convictions. He doesn't try to curry favor by deserting policies he thinks are right.
Gov't fails to curb Seoul apartment prices
Despite a series of anti-speculation measures, the government seems to have failed to curb apartment prices in key areas of Seoul. Analysts expect further increases in the latter half of the year as new apartments in Seoul have become “rare items.”