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Tue, February 27, 2024 | 08:18
Korea's work-life balance lags behind other OECD nations
Korea still lags behind other OECD member countries on work-life balance, despite some shifting workplace trends that increasingly value such balance for a healthier and productive lifestyle, a study showed, Sunday.
Yen's prolonged weakness feared to disrupt Korea's growth
A persistently weak Japanese yen is showing no signs of a rebound, raising concerns that it can adversely affect not only exports, but also current the account balance as well as other broader aspects of the Korean economy. Analysts say the yen's prolonged weakness can add downward pressure on Korea's 2023 growth.
Koreans generally accept immigrants as colleagues, neighbors: study
Hwang, an ethnic Korean from China who has worked for years as a waitress at a restaurant in Korea, says her Korean co-workers always kept a distance from her.
Will gift tax exemption on newlyweds pull up birthrate?
The government is considering easing the burden of gift taxes exclusively for newlywed couples, by raising the minimum amount of cash they can receive from parents without being taxed to either 100 million won ($76,000) or 150 million won.
Hana Bank, SK Broadband offer TV-based bill payment service for seniors
Hana Bank has joined hands with SK Broadband to offer a beta service aimed at making it easier for senior citizens to pay bills, the bank announced on Friday. It said the two parties launched the bill payment service on B tv, a TV channel operated by SK Broadband.
BOK expected to turn more dovish in 2nd half to spur growth
The Bank of Korea (BOK) is anticipated to become more dovish in its monetary policy through the second half of the year, to support the government's efforts to spur economic growth, analysts said Friday.
Finance ministers of Korea, UAE discuss bilateral cooperation
The finance ministers of Korea and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) met in Seoul, Thursday, to discuss follow-up measures on the UAE's planned investment of $30 billion here.
Will regional banks actively shift to nationwide operations?
The country's regional commercial banks are expected to remain extremely cautious about expanding their operations from their respective regions to the whole of Korea, although the financial regulator has given them the green light if they so wish, according to industry analysts, Thursday.
High-income households increase spending on private tutoring
High-income households are increasing spending on “hagwon,” or private tuition schools, data showed on Wednesday, amid controversy over the difficulty level of college entrance exams and students' subsequent reliance on private tutoring.
Favorable reshoring environment expands under Yoon administration
The government's efforts to induce Korean businesses to bring back their earnings and operations outside the country appear to be paying off, following measures that are aimed at lessening the businesses' tax burden while encouraging more investment. Industry sources said Wednesday the Korean manufacturers that run plants abroad are paying attention to the Ministry of Economy...