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Reporter : Yi Whan-woo
Fri, December 8, 2023 | 05:26
Why are mortgage loan rates rising despite key rate freeze?
Commercial banks are hiking the costs associated with taking out a mortgage even while the benchmark interest rate has remained steady for more than half a year, in their bid to cover expenses needed to counter growing liquidity risks.
Hana Financial honors multicultural family members
Hana Financial Group hosted an award ceremony to honor outstanding members of multicultural families who have set examples for their communities, the company announced on Wednesday.
Kyobo Life adopts chatbot service in office
Kyobo Life Insurance has adopted an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered chatbot service to improve work efficiency for its executives and rank-and-file employees. A top-ranked life insurer in Korea, Kyobo Life Insurance is the first company in the industry to adopt a chatbot, which a range of businesses seeks to capitalize on after it was introduced late last year.
Mirae Asset achieves $100 billion milestone in global ETF business
Mirae Asset Global Investments announced on Tuesday that its global exchange-traded fund (ETF) business surpassed $100 billion in net assets.
Seoul struggles with nation's steepest population decline
Seoul is suffering the sharpest population decline among Korea's 17 municipalities, data showed on Monday, as many people can't afford to buy a home in the nation's capital and subsequently are moving to less central areas in search of cheaper housing. Most of the major cities and provinces also have been losing population. But it is more associated with the low birthrate and...
KB speeds up business transformation in 2nd half
KB Financial Group discussed a group-wide business strategy for the second half of this year under its broader vision of coping with a rapidly-changing banking environment, the lender said Sunday. It said Chairman Yoon Jong-gyu and 270 executives from the group's affiliates joined the one-day meeting under the theme of “Toward the Future,” Friday.
Korea's work-life balance lags behind other OECD nations
Korea still lags behind other OECD member countries on work-life balance, despite some shifting workplace trends that increasingly value such balance for a healthier and productive lifestyle, a study showed, Sunday.
Yen's prolonged weakness feared to disrupt Korea's growth
A persistently weak Japanese yen is showing no signs of a rebound, raising concerns that it can adversely affect not only exports, but also current the account balance as well as other broader aspects of the Korean economy. Analysts say the yen's prolonged weakness can add downward pressure on Korea's 2023 growth.
Koreans generally accept immigrants as colleagues, neighbors: study
Hwang, an ethnic Korean from China who has worked for years as a waitress at a restaurant in Korea, says her Korean co-workers always kept a distance from her.
Will gift tax exemption on newlyweds pull up birthrate?
The government is considering easing the burden of gift taxes exclusively for newlywed couples, by raising the minimum amount of cash they can receive from parents without being taxed to either 100 million won ($76,000) or 150 million won.