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Reporter : Kwak Yeon-soo
Tue, January 31, 2023 | 23:44
Movies with star-studded casts coming to theaters next month
December welcomed some of 2022's biggest releases, such as “Avatar: The Way of Water,” and “Hero” among many others. January won't see as many theatrical releases as in past months, but it will still have some exciting titles on offer for the audience, such as “Switch,” “The Point Men” and “Phantom.”
Comedian Kim Shin-young named Best Supporting Actress at KFPA Awards
Comedian Kim Shin-young has won the Best Supporting Actress Award for her performance in director Park Chan-wook's “Decision to Leave” at the ninth Korean Film Producers Association (KFPA) Awards held in Seoul, Wednesday. Her very first film appearance, playing the role of a detective alongside Park Hae-il in “Decision to Leave,” earned her the trophy, with the film itself al...
Fandom enables some movies to stay longer in theaters
Since the pandemic outbreak, viewers have shifted to streaming services to watch movies and fewer people are going to theaters than before. Against this backdrop, a movie's opening week at the box office has become a stronger predictor of a film's overall commercial success than it used to be, as moviegoers - both frequent and infrequent - are influenced by word of mouth gene...
Korea's 1st winner at Big Four beauty pageant talks about true beauty
For the first time, a Korean has won a major international beauty pageant title. Choi Mina Sue, a communications student representing Korea in the Miss Earth pageant, made history by becoming the first Korean to win at one of the Big Four international beauty contests. She beat 85 other contestants from around the world at the pageant's coronation event in Manila, the Philipp...
Chung Sung-hwa proud to be part of Korea's 1st film based on stage musical
In 2009, actor Chung Sung-hwa started playing the role of independence fighter Ahn Jung-geun in the homegrown musical, “Hero.” Since then, the celebrated actor has reprised the lead role in numerous iterations of the famous story. He is now playing it again in the musical's film adaptation under the same name, which will hit theaters on Christmas week. “Reprising an iconic ro...
James Cameron talks about universal theme of nature in 'Avatar' sequel
After a 13-year wait, director James Cameron has returned with a sequel to “Avatar,” containing a strong environmental message.
LTI Korea's translation award shows global boom in Korean literature
The Literature Translation Institute of Korea (LTI Korea) announced the winners of its annual translation awards on Monday, recognizing their excellence in translation and contributions to promoting Korean literature worldwide. The 20th LTI Korean Translation Award went to E.J. Koh and Marci Calabretta Cancio-Bello who translated “The World's Lightest Motorcycle” by Lee Won i...
[INTERVIEW] GOT7's Jinyoung on playing twins in 'Christmas Carol'
Singer and actor Park Jin-young has had a busy year of music, TV and film in 2022. Beyond filming “Christmas Carol,” he has been booked with a multitude of projects, including making new music with his band, GOT7, and starring in the second season of Tving's “Yumi's Cells.”
Netflix's 'The Glory,' starring Song Hye-kyo, to be released in December
“The Glory,” a series about a woman who experiences severe bullying in high school and seeks revenge against her tormentors after graduating, will premiere on Netflix on Dec. 30. The streaming giant said, Thursday, it will unveil all eight episodes of the Korean original series, starring Song Hye-kyo in over 190 countries.
'Men of Plastic' director's reunion with Ma Dong-seok leads to good-natured comedy
The new Ma Dong-seok (aka Don Lee)-Jung Kyung-ho buddy film, “Men of Plastic,” is director Lim Jin-sun's first return to the comedy genre in a decade since “Super Star” (2012). The director revealed that worked on the plastic surgery-themed comedy drama for nearly eight years with Ma, who serves as the executive producer on the film.
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