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Tue, January 31, 2023 | 22:34
Veteran actor Na Moon-hee continues to push boundaries to reach younger audiences
Na Moon-hee is a tireless actor who has worked steadily on the stage, in film and television for over six decades. At the age of 81, she is still eager to do something new. Last October, she debuted as a TikTok creator to reach younger audiences.
'Slam Dunk' creator Takehiko Inoue on bringing comics to big screen
It was an extraordinary challenge for Takehiko Inoue, the creator of the all-time favorite manga, “Slam Dunk,” to turn the basketball-themed sports story into the animated film, “The First Slam Dunk.” The original comic, which sold more than 170 million copies worldwide, is the seventh best-selling manga series in history.
Genre fiction likely to lead book trend in 2023
With new works from genre-fiction authors Kim Un-su, Chung Bora and Yun Ko-eun, the year 2023 looks exciting for Korean literature. Kim will release his new novel “Big Eye” this year, completing his so-called “repugnance” trilogy of novels following “The Plotters” (2010) and “Hot Blooded” (2016).
Global rise of Korean soft power
There is no doubt that Korean cultural content has taken the world by storm. Netflix's smash hit drama, “Squid Game,” won major Emmys, including Lee Jung-jae's Outstanding Lead Actor award; director Park Chan-wook and actor Song Kang-ho brought home Cannes awards for films “Decision to Leave” and “Broker,” respectively; a K-pop category has been newly added to the American Mu...
Song Kang-ho, Jung Woo-sung join top actors appearing on small screen
Some iconic movie stars will cross over to the small screen amid the changing landscape of the entertainment industry where content streaming services are now at the forefront of big-budget TV series. Song Kang-ho, who won the Best Actor prize at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival for his performance in the film, “Broker,” will star in a TV series titled, “Uncle Sam Shik” (working...
Six movies to look out for in 2023
Despite the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, cinema admissions last year were weaker than expected. A total of 986.3 million tickets were sold in the January-November period of 2022, up 89.3 percent from a year earlier. However, the figure remained below half (48.3 percent) of the pre-pandemic level (2019) due to a lack of mega-hit films.
Ju Ji-hoon on why he chose mid-budget film after starring in mega-blockbusters
Actor Ju Ji-hoon, best known for his roles in the “Along With the Gods” film franchise and Netflix series “Kingdom,” went against expectations and chose to pursue a mid-budget movie instead of vying for a role in another major franchise.
Kang Soo-youn's final movie, 'Jung_E,' to debut on Netflix in January
“Jung_E,” a dystopian sci-fi film featuring Kang Soo-youn in her final film appearance, will debut on Netflix on Jan. 20. Kang died of a cerebral hemorrhage in May while “Jung_E” was in post-production and eight months before the film's release.
Hwang Jung-min, Hyun Bin team up for 'The Point Men'
Longtime friends Hwang Jung-min and Hyun Bin expressed their excitement about sharing the screen for the first time in the action film, “The Point Men.” Directed by Yim Soon-rye, the film follows a story of Korean diplomat Jae-ho (Hwang) and National Intelligence Service agent Dae-sik (Hyun) who are on a mission to rescue Korean hostages kidnapped by the Taliban in Afghanista...
'Phantom' is action-packed spy thriller with multi-layered mystery
Director Lee Hae-young, whose stylish crime thriller “Believer” (2018) earned him commercial success and critical acclaim, has returned with the action spy thriller “Phantom” with an ensemble cast. Set in 1933 during the Japanese colonial occupation of Korea, the film follows five people suspected of being a spy for an anti-Japanese resistance group. Trapped inside an isolate...
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