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Reporter : Kwak Yeon-soo
Thu, February 9, 2023 | 07:44
[INTERVIEW] Moon Jeong-hee plays sympathetic villain in female-led thriller 'Limit'
Actress Moon Jeong-hee said she enjoyed playing a villain with a genuine if twisted motivation in the female-fronted crime thriller “Limit.”
'I'm willing to die for the Pope and the Church,' says new Cardinal You
Pope Francis appointed Archbishop Lazzaro You Heung-sik, the prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy, as cardinal, the second most senior position among the ranks of the Roman Catholic clergy after the pope. You is Korea's fourth cardinal following late Cardinal Stephen Kim Sou-hwan in 1969, the late Cardinal Nicholas Cheong Jin-suk in 2006 and Cardinal Andrew Yeom Soo-jun...
Jeju World Heritage Festival makes joyful live return
JEJU ISLAND - The World Heritage Festival on Jeju Island, which seeks to promote the cultural significance of the volcanic island's UNESCO World Natural Heritage sites, will return for the third year with a promise to be bigger and more exciting than ever. It marks the return of the in-person event that was put on hold as the festival had to cancel live events and offer onlin...
1980s-set action film 'Seoul Vibe' boasts huge cast, big thrills
Set in the 1980s, “Seoul Vibe,” features plenty of spectacular driving sequences, retro-style vehicles and a hip-hop-infused soundtrack. “Seoul Vibe” revolves around a group of drivers and mechanics called Sanggye-dong Supreme Team that are recruited to be spies for the prosecution during the 1988 Seoul Olympics.
Slice-of-life film 'Rolling' explores tiny pleasures amid pandemic
Shim Dal-gi, who has portrayed vulnerable or rebellious teens in a slate of films and TV series such as “Snowball” (2021) and “Juvenile Justice” (2022), shows off her own understated charms in the slice-of-life film “Rolling.” Directed by Kwak Min-seung, the film revolves around 25-year-old Ju-ri (Shim), a college dropout who avoids socializing and stays at home during the CO...
Brad Pitt says 'Bullet Train' is explosive action-packed summer blockbuster
Hollywood star Brad Pitt made his fourth visit to Korea, this time to promote his latest movie “Bullet Train” with co-star Aaron Taylor-Johnson, enjoying time with fans on the red carpet and pre-release screening events. “It's great to be back. I'm not here for the movie, I'm here for the food. 'Bullet Train' is a great summer action adventure film that we shot during the COV...
Rare Joseon-era spherical sundial unveiled to public
The “Iryeongwongu,” a portable spherical sundial from the 1392-1910 Joseon Kingdom era, has been unveiled to the public after returning from the United States, the Cultural Heritage Administration (CHA) said Thursday. The CHA and the Overseas Korean Cultural Heritage Foundation purchased the rare relic at an auction in the U.S. in March.
'Mukbang' binge-eating shows give way to new trend of eating little
“Mukbang” shows, in which people livestream themselves consuming a large quantity of food, have risen in popularity over the past few years. As this trend swept the globe, the Korean term for binge-eating shows was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2021.
'Confidential Assignment 2' has even more action, humor
Actor Hyun Bin, who is reprising his role as a North Korean agent in the upcoming movie, “Confidential Assignment 2: International,” promised the sequel will be jam-packed with more hard-hitting action ― and humor ― than its predecessor.
[INTERVIEW] Actor Ko Kyoung-pyo explains why he doesn't obsess over lead roles
Performing comedy is hard because everybody has a different sense of humor and jokes often don't translate the same way for other people. Actor Ko Kyoung-pyo is among very few powerful comedy actors who can parlay such a unique brand of humor into a film with his funny and flexible facial expressions