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Reporter : Kim Yoo-chul
Mon, September 25, 2023 | 06:28
[INTERVIEW] Conflict in Taiwan Strait feared to provoke N. Korea
Tensions across the Taiwan Strait are now at the highest level in years raising concerns that any unexpected policy mistakes by either side risk dragging the United States into a potential direct military confrontation with China. Since the previous Moon Jae-in administration, South Korea's stance towards the Taiwan issue hasn't changed much.
[ANALYSIS] Yoon's poor support rate burdens his foreign policy agenda
A presidential job approval rating is considered to be the benchmark in measuring the job execution ability of a country's leader. A low approval rating can undermine how much an incumbent president can achieve during his or her time in office.
[INTERVIEW] 'Digital transformation requires managerial skills'
Over the last few decades, media organizations have been pursuing a so-called “red ocean strategy,” a business plan involving competition in an existing industry. The primary goal of this strategy is to beat the competition and exploit present demand. Food and media industries, for example, are considered to be the active followers of this strategy as there are a lot of small...
[ANALYSIS] Will Samsung join Arm's US listing process?
SoftBank founder Masayoshi Son's plan to meet Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong in Seoul comes just months after the global tech investor dropped plans for the London listing of British chip designer Arm due to the departures of investment minister Gerry Grimstone and digital minister Chris Philp following the resignation of of U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson. ...
[INTERVIEW] Evolving from platform operator to facilitator
The way consumers purchase products has changed drastically over the past few decades, from door-to-door salesmen and billboard ads to digital advertisements.
[ANALYSIS] Friendshoring or protectionism?
Maintaining close relationships requires sacrifice - but sacrifice means little when partners aren't mutually supportive.
[INTERVIEW] 'NK will conduct nuclear test for position of strength in talks'
The chief North Korea analyst at a New York-based nonpartisan think tank believes Pyongyang is set to conduct a nuclear test within this year at the earliest.
[INTERVIEW] Google's in-app payment rules to limit consumer choice
Despite its decision to accept the use of third-party payment services of smartphone apps in major markets, Google's in-app payment rules are still at the center of controversy in South Korea, as the country's top telecom regulator has been looking to see if the rules violate the nation's new laws that went into effect last year.
[ANALYSIS] 'Chip 4 aims to control Samsung-TSMC rivalry for Intel'
The United States passed the CHIPS and Science Act 2022. The core aim of the Act, which includes $52 billion in federal assistance to support cutting-edge chip manufacturing and research projects in the U.S., is Washington's hope for fostering a successful collaborative effort with its allies to construct a stable chip supply chain.
[ANALYSIS] Why Three Nos don't matter for Seoul-Beijing ties
Defending the status quo can be a difficult and lonely position to be in, especially in an age where political policies are established based on conflicts between long-time allies and strategic partners.
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