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Reporter : Kim Yoo-chul
Fri, September 22, 2023 | 20:11
[INTERVIEW] US-NK summit is unlikely in 2023: Korea Society
Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine has had various impacts on the Korean Peninsula, with expanded takeaways for the alliance between Washington and Seoul. The Ukraine war has validated the significance of focusing on greater military readiness before actual threats are materialized rather than after.
[ANALYSIS] Pandemic awakens demand for data-driven automation
The COVID-19 pandemic presented an opportunity for manufacturers in global supply chain systems to embrace significant challenges. Korean conglomerates like Samsung, LG and SK groups also had to adjust to the crisis by revamping their supply chains and embracing more innovative manufacturing processes.
[ANALYSIS] China's reopening to help ease inventory woes
Even as the worst point of the COVID-19 disruptions has eased a bit, recently, its real impact continues to ripple throughout the world's leading economies including the United States and China.
[INTERVIEW] S. Korea wants more reassurances from US: American Enterprise Institute
North Korea's relentless spike in the testing of its advanced missiles and the progress of its nuclear program has awakened the necessity for South Korea to reevaluate its longtime defense posture including the potential - albeit controversial - development of nuclear weapons.
[ANALYSIS] Internet traffic tax or net neutrality?
The stunning achievement of Netflix-backed Korean drama “Squid Game” has caused a local broadband provider to file legal complaints to press the U.S.-based streaming giant to help pay for costs associated with a massive surge in network traffic.
[INTERVIEW] Samsung expected to show resilience in earnings, but SK to report loss: S&P
Samsung Electronics recently reported an earnings shock for the fourth quarter of last year, while SK hynix, which saw a 60 percent drop in operating profit in the third quarter, is expected to have suffered an operating loss during the final quarter of 2022.
[ANALYSIS] US may ask S. Korea to pay more for strategic assets
With the United States preferring to position its military strategic assets in or near South Korea to match North Korea's provocations, experts and defense officials who have been involved in Seoul's past defense cost-sharing talks with Washington have said the Biden administration could ask the Yoon government to contribute more for the holding of tabletop drills.
[INTERVIEW] Hyundai Motor's credit profile to remain stable: Fitch
Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the last three years have seen large-scale disruptions to the global automotive market.
[ANALYSIS] Korea's IPO market expected to bounce back in 2nd half
After a quite active 2021, Korea's initial public offering (IPO) market remained sluggish for the entirety of 2022. Proceeds from IPOs were down last year as high valuations became a thing of the past amid a shaky stock market and rising interest rates.
[ANALYSIS] Samsung unlikely to join Micron in chip output cut
Worries are growing that the global technology downturn may be wider, deeper and even longer-lasting than expected. Some Wall Street analysts have been forecasting the chip industry to face its worst drop in more than two decades, reaching back to 2001.
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