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Reporter : Kim Yoo-chul
Tue, May 30, 2023 | 19:51
[ANALYSIS] Korea's IPO market expected to bounce back in 2nd half
After a quite active 2021, Korea's initial public offering (IPO) market remained sluggish for the entirety of 2022. Proceeds from IPOs were down last year as high valuations became a thing of the past amid a shaky stock market and rising interest rates.
[ANALYSIS] Samsung unlikely to join Micron in chip output cut
Worries are growing that the global technology downturn may be wider, deeper and even longer-lasting than expected. Some Wall Street analysts have been forecasting the chip industry to face its worst drop in more than two decades, reaching back to 2001.
[INTERVIEW] EV transition to help LGES, Hyundai weather challenges in 2023: Moody's
While the overall global supply chain risks remained ever-present throughout most of South Korea's key export markets, which include North America and China, one noticeable industry trend is that batteries have become crucial for facilitating the global energy transition.
[ANALYSIS] Has Yoon's approval rating bottomed out?
It's too early to determine if President Yoon Suk-yeol will benefit from a short-term boost in his job approval rating due to his dogged adherence to principles and the rule of law that has been credited to ending a crippling strike by unionized truck drivers.
[INTERVIEW] China, North Korea do not trust each other: CSIS
Does China trust North Korea and who really holds the upper hand in the denuclearization process on the peninsula? Also, does North Korea's attractive value as a buffer zone for China outweigh the risks of tolerating a defiant nuclear neighbor?
[ANALYSIS] Korea advised to pursue short-term gains from US IRA
Despite the victory of U.S. President Joe Biden's party in the November midterm elections, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) remains a tricky issue that has complicated relations between the United States and South Korea. In August, Biden officially signed the IRA into law.
[INTERVIEW] Seoul still holds hope for NK denuclearization
Near the border between the two Koreas, North Korea has ramped up launches of its advanced missiles, including the extensive testing of intercontinental ballistic missile systems (ICBM) with the potential to carry nuclear warheads targeting the U.S. mainland. But on the opposite front, South Korea's government still isn't ruling out the possibility of providing substantial ec...
[INTERVIEW] Brand expert says retaining customers is more important than gaining new ones
No business leader will underestimate the importance of gaining the trust of consumers to ensure a company's success and there is probably no disagreement when it comes to the grave financial consequences of losing the support of customers.
[ANALYSIS] FIFA chief's remarks over World Cup in North Korea raises eyebrows
Historically, global sporting events such as the Olympics have played a considerable role in terms of advancing inter-Korean relations.
[INTERVIEW] OECD calls for Korea to reform college entrance exam
The expansion of Korea's education system has played a significant role in the country's economic development. But the education system is now facing demographic headwinds and also needs improvements to meet the needs of the modern labor market.
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