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Reporter : Lee Yeon-woo
Fri, December 9, 2022 | 18:05
Political rookies exploited for benefit of established parties
The last two years saw a golden period for young politicians in Korean politics. Lee Jun-seok, then a 36 year old, was elected the leader of the ruling People Power Party (PPP) in June last year, becoming the youngest politician to rise to that position. As Lee created a buzz, the rival Democratic Party of Korea (DPK) also named 26-year old activist, Park Ji-hyun, to lead the...
Stalkers should be punished regardless of victims' consent: experts
The Sindang Station murder case has been an awakening moment in Korea. It revealed that stalking victims are left without proper protection. The suspect, a 31-year-old man, allegedly killed a 28-year-old female subway station worker while he was on trial without detention after the victim pressed charges on him for stalking. The brutal murder case raised a red flag. The curre...
International volunteers join hands to clean up typhoon-hit Busan beach
Korea's southern coastal regions were hit earlier this month by two super typhoons, first Hinnamnor and then Nanmadol. Help was on the way all across the nation. Marines were mobilized to restore damaged buildings and streets. Volunteers fed displaced residents. Donations from businesses and private individuals were handed over to help those who were displaced or hit hard by ...
World ginseng expo to kick off on Sept. 30 in Yeongju City
The southeastern city of Yeongju, North Gyeongsang Province, is home to premium ginseng. Every year, the city hosts a ginseng festival to encourage tourists to visit and experience the medicinal root. This year, the city authorities were determined to go beyond the local festival.
Government to lower number of teachers amid population decline
The government plans to downsize the public school workforce as a decreasing population has been forcing more and more schools to close down across the country. The Ministry of Education has yet to announce such a plan. But the measure to scale back the number of teachers was spotted in the government's budget proposal that was submitted to the National Assembly.
Maryland governor, his wife named honorary citizens of Naju City
Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and his wife Yumi Hogan have become honorary citizens of Naju City in South Jeolla Province, according to the city. Naju Mayor Yoon Byung-tae presented plaques to the couple during a banquet held at the U.S. Embassy in Seoul, Thursday.
China's state museum pulls controversial table of Korean history from exhibit
The National Museum of China has removed a chronological table from an exhibit after claims were made that it is a distortion of Korean history through arbitrary exclusion of some ancient Korean kingdoms. “The National Museum of China informed us by diplomatic channels that they decided to remove the chronology from the 'Auspicious Metals from the Orient: Ancient Bronzes of C...
Buddhists, Christians clash over naming of island tourist sites
In the southwestern fishing and salt farm county of Sinan, in South Jeolla Province, consisting of a total of 1,025 islands, there's a long trail named “Miracle Pilgrimage” that is only revealed when the tide goes out. Stretching over 12 kilometers, tourists can walk on the trail during low tide and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Sinan County's islands by crossing the mudflat...
If you're in danger, press the number buttons
A phone rings. “How can I help you?” asks a police officer. The woman on the line answers awkwardly as if she doesn't understand what she was told, “I am at a motel near the overpass. Can you deliver two orders of Chinese noodles here?” Her voice is shaky
Good Samaritans flock south to help flood victims
This year's Chuseok holiday, which continued from Friday to Monday, was one of the worst in recent memory for those who live in the southern regions. The four-day long weekend came right after the nation's southern coastal areas were hit hard by Typhoon Hinnamnor on Sept. 5.
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