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Reporter : Lee Yeon-woo
Mon, February 26, 2024 | 16:54
2%-range inflation fails to spur consumers to open wallets
Consumer prices rose 2.8 percent in January, the government announced on Monday, marking the first time in six months that inflation fell to the 2 percent range.
[INTERVIEW] Franklin Templeton Korea CEO aims to create most localized asset management firm
The rise in direct investments in foreign stocks and ETFs over the past few years has prompted many foreign asset management companies to withdraw from Korea. Unfazed by this trend, Franklin Templeton Investment Advisors Korea is committed to becoming the most localized firm, drawing on its 25 years of operating experience in Korea.
FSS warns against using accounts of deceased family members for financial trading
Two years ago, an individual was apprehended for obtaining a loan of 30 million won ($22,413) online by using his deceased brother's identity. A court in Seoul convicted him of fraud, sentencing him to four months in prison with a one-year suspended sentence.
Crypto mogul launches HTX DAO to decentralize crypto exchange
SINGAPORE - When Satoshi Nakamoto first claimed to have created Bitcoin, the world's first cryptocurrency, he emphasized decentralization. Bitcoin operates without a central server or trusted parties, relying on cryptographic proof instead of interpersonal trust.
Expectations rise for Korea's value-up program for underperforming stocks
Expectations for the improvement in performance of corporations are rising as the government unveiled a 'value-up' program that will target underperformers in the stock market. Investors are increasingly focused on acquiring stocks with a low price-to-book ratio (PBR), in anticipation of them rebounding.
Banks join in relay to halt sales of HK-linked ELS products
As massive losses are expected from equity-linked securities (ELS) tied to the performance of the Hang Seng China Enterprises Index (HSCEI), commercial banks are either halting or considering the halting of ELS product sales consecutively.
Can Chinese government's stimulus package reduce Korean investors' woes?
The Hong Kong stock market's rise following efforts by the Chinese government to stimulate its bourse has brought relief to some Korean investors, decreasing their losses from equity-linked securities (ELS) tied to the performance of the Hang Seng China Enterprises Index (HSCEI) by approximately 300 billion won ($224 million).
Korea Investment Corp. to establish overseas office in India
Korea Investment Corp. (KIC) will establish an office in India. It will be the sovereign fund's fifth overseas office.
Internet-only banks attract 40 mil. customers 7 years after opening
It has been almost seven years since internet-only banks began operations in Korea. Since then, the three internet-only banks have expanded their presence by leveraging distinguished services and competitive interest rates, surpassing a total of 40 million customers.
NPS' selling exacerbates decline in Korea's stock market
Pension funds, widely regarded as major players in the Korean stock market, have maintained a selling trend so far this year, offloading approximately 1 trillion won ($748 million) worth of stocks. The continued selling has raised concerns, as it adds to the challenges faced by an already weakened stock market.
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