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Tue, May 30, 2023 | 20:36
The Boyz member Hyunjae apologizes for wearing hat with Rising Sun flag design
Hyunjae of K-pop act The Boyz has apologized for donning a hat with a Rising Sun flag design - a symbol of Japan's wartime aggression, used by the imperial military during World War II.
Decoding success factors of NewJeans: How is it different?
From “phenomenon” to “game changer,” rookie K-pop girl group NewJeans has earned various monikers that all singers crave, shortly after making its debut last August. “Attention” and “Hype Boy,” the two lead singles of the quintet's self-titled debut EP, have surpassed 100 million and 200 million streams, respectively, on Spotify, the world's largest music streaming platform. ...
[INTERVIEW] Tati Gabrielle, actress of Korean, African-American descent, feels proud of her heritage
Born to a mother of Korean descent and African-American father, actress Tati Gabrielle grew up eating kimchi, a Korean staple made of fermented cabbage, and doing taekwondo, a martial art originating from Korea.
PULL UP: VIVIZ returns with new song about gossipers
In its new tune, “PULL UP,” K-pop trio VIVIZ sends a bold message to people who love talking behind its back, telling them it does not matter what they say. "In the music video for 'PULL UP,' we strike back at backstabbers in an adorable and delightful way,” member Eunha said during a press event at YES24 Live Hall in eastern Seoul's Gwangjin District, Tuesday.
TWICE becomes first K-pop group to win Billboard Women in Music award
TWICE will receive the Breakthrough Artist award at the upcoming Billboard Women in Music Awards, becoming the first K-pop group to be honored at this annual event. This year's awards ceremony is scheduled to take place at the YouTube Theater at Hollywood Park in Los Angeles, March 1 (local time).
Korean Lunar New Year vs. Chinese Lunar New Year
On Jan. 21, Danielle, a Korean-Australian member of K-pop girl group NewJeans, apologized soon after sending a message to her fans that read: “What r u bunnies (the name of the quintet's global fandom) doing for Chinese new year?” What raised the eyebrows of numerous Korean fans was her use of the phrase, “Chinese New Year.” They insisted the 17-year-old's word choice was ina...
K-pop releases for February
Picking up the baton from GOT the Beat, NewJeans and Monsta X - which heated up the K-pop scene with their new music offerings in January - a crop of other stars will electrify music fans with their fresh songs and albums in February. Included in the lineup are BSS, a sub-unit of K-pop act SEVENTEEN, Key of boy band SHINee and the 11-piece group, The Boyz.
TXT brings together 'pansori' and fairy tale in new song 'Sugar Rush Ride'
As its title implies, “Sugar Rush Ride,” a new song by K-pop boy band Tomorrow X Together (TXT), is a three-minute sugar rush weaving together the elements of two different genres - “pansori” (traditional Korean musical storytelling) and fairy tales. The quintet, consisting of Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun and Hueningkai, employed some lines from “Chunhyangga,” one of the...
'I was a stock investment addict': psychiatrist seeks to help addicted people through his book
Korea has seen a spike in the number of stock investors over the past couple of years, as commercial banks cut their interest rates on saving accounts to nearly zero percent while the benchmark Korea Composite Stock Price Index (KOSPI) gained momentum. According to data from the Korea Securities Depository, the total number of stock investors stood at 13.84 million in 2021.
[INTERVIEW] Filipino-Argentinian actress ventures into K-pop
Starting again from scratch may not be the most desirable thing, especially when one has had a pretty smooth career. Nevertheless, high-profile Filipino-Argentinian actress Maria Chantal Videla ventured into the world of K-pop and debuted as a member of rookie girl group Lapillus in June 2022, with her new name, Chanty.
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