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Reporter : Dong Sun-hwa
Fri, July 1, 2022 | 00:58
Actor Kim Seon-ho apologizes to fans following abortion controversy
Actor Kim Seon-ho apologized to his fans, Saturday, about seven months after admitting that he had coerced his ex-girlfriend into having an abortion. “I am sorry that I made you face a hard time due to my shortcomings,” the 36-year-old actor wrote on Instagram. “I really appreciate you for celebrating my birthday. I will not forget your love and support and try my best to rep...
Despite criticism, PSY enjoys chart success with 'That That'
Some people are criticizing singer PSY for “replicating his previous styles” in his new studio album, “PSY 9th,” but its lead single, “That That,” is still creating a splash on global music charts. Upon the release of “PSY 9th” on April 29, some music critics based in Seoul commented that the album is “a mere imitation of PSY's original styles,” adding it lacks decent melodie...
K-pop and games, a winning combination
“It's weird that a K-pop label like HYBE is obsessed with games,” reads one of the online comments from a fan of BTS, the most bankable K-pop group represented by HYBE. Similar comments criticizing the company for its “infatuation” with the gaming business are frequently found on the internet, where a legion of fans have vented their discontent since HYBE dived into the realm...
Korea should get back to basics to handle political, social problems: former diplomat
“Going back to the basics” is the only way to cope with the current political and social problems in Korea, according to Kim Won-soo, the chair of the international advisory board of the Future Consensus Institute, or Yeosijae Foundation.
iKON steps out of comfort zone with new release 'But You'
Hardly anyone expected that K-pop act iKON would drop the retro-flavored song, “But You,” which lacks the group's signature hip-hop elements. Given that the majority of its most popular hits like “Love Scenario” (2018) and “My Type” (2016) were based on hip-hop, numerous people thought iKON would put out a similar song this time to continue its winning streak. But the YG Ente...
HYBE's first girl group Le Sserafim makes 'Fearless' debut, lives up to high expectations
Le Sserafim, the first girl group to debut under K-pop titan BTS' record label HYBE, is unlike any other rookie group. Debuting amid high hopes must have laid a heavy burden on all six members, but they all managed to overcome it and moreover, demonstrated they have what it takes to be the next queens in the K-pop scene where competition among girl groups is fiercer than ever.
'Gangnam Style' star PSY meets BTS' Suga in new release 'That That'
Two K-pop superstars - PSY and BTS' Suga - have joined hands to take the music scene by storm. PSY, who was propelled to global stardom with his 2012 hit “Gangnam Style,” has collaborated with the BTS rapper to drop “That That,” the lead single of his ninth full-length album, “PSY 9th.” The album came out Friday afternoon, about five years after the release of his eighth stud...
(G)I-DLE's Miyeon goes solo with 'MY,' offers glimpse into unexplored sides
“Tomboy,” the March release by K-pop act (G)I-DLE, is still nabbing the top spots on multiple music streaming charts worldwide. But even before its popularity wanes, the group's lead vocalist Miyeon has dropped her first solo EP, “MY,” Wednesday afternoon.
[INTERVIEW] Former Wanna One member Yoon Ji-sung seeks to 'Bloom' in his own way
It may sound ironic, but K-pop star Yoon Ji-sung's upcoming EP “MIRO,” a collection of feel-good spring songs, was born out of his sorrow. Yoon, a former member of now-defunct project boy band Wanna One, was stuck in an anxiety loop when we was working on the mini-album, feeling like he had nobody who recognizes his hard work. His frustration was so deep that at one point, he...
[INTERVIEW] 'My Name': Lee Su-jeong embarks on new journey to explore herself
For the past eight years, Lee Su-jeong has lived a glamorous life as Baby Soul, the leader of popular K-pop act Lovelyz. Nonetheless, at the same time, the 29-year-old could not live as Lee Su-jeong, having no time to muse on who she is and what she likes.
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