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Reporter : Dong Sun-hwa
Sun, November 27, 2022 | 00:15
Former IZ*ONE member denies plagiarism allegations
Lee Chae-yeon, a former member of now-defunct project girl group IZ*ONE, denied allegations that the design of her upcoming debut solo EP, “HUSH RUSH,” is a copy of the “Gasoline” album by Key of K-pop boy band SHINee.
'GIRL'S RE:VERSE': Kakao to launch new program to debut virtual idol group
Members of K-pop girl groups will vie against one another to join a virtual idol group on “GIRL'S RE:VERSE,” an upcoming competition show made by Kakao Entertainment. The company announced Thursday that the first episode of “GIRL'S RE:VERSE” will be released on Kakao Page and YouTube on Nov. 28.
World-famous orchestras to perform in Korea through December
As the most recent COVID-19 resurgence in Korea is slowing down, a number of internationally acclaimed orchestras are planning to visit the country and catch the ears of music lovers here. The London Symphony Orchestra (LSO), one of the top 10 orchestras in the world, will perform in Seoul on Oct. 13 in celebration of the relocation of the LG Arts Center Seoul from Gangnam Di...
Red Velvet's Seulgi goes back and forth from good to evil in debut solo EP '28 Reasons'
“SG” are the initials for K-pop singer Seulgi's first name. But they also stand for “Snow White and Grimhilde” in her debut solo EP, “28 Reasons,” which hit store shelves Tuesday afternoon. By playing the dual role of a sweet princess and a wicked queen, the Red Velvet member juggles between her good and evil sides in her mini-album, revealing two contrasting aspects of herse...
Veteran K-pop boy band g.o.d to hold concerts in December after 4 years
G.o.d, one of the most popular K-pop acts in the late 1990s and early 2000s, is slated to hold a series of concerts at Olympic Park's KSPO Dome in southern Seoul from Dec. 9 to 11, according to event organizer IOK Co.
K-pop singers declare war on internet trolls
Several K-pop stars have declared war on internet trolls. Chinese Canadian K-pop singer Henry Lau's agency Monster Entertainment said Thursday that it will take strong legal action against anyone who distorts the truth, spreads malicious rumors or defames its artist.
Kakao characters Ryan, Choonsik enjoy popularity as 'K-pop influencers'
Ryan and Choonsik, the animal-like characters that were created as emojis for Korean messenger app KakaoTalk, are basking in immense popularity as “K-pop influencers,” with their fun covers of K-pop dance choreography, hitting high views on YouTube.
From LIMELIGHT to Lapillus, more newcomers arrive on K-pop scene
With the global boom of K-pop, more singers are joining the cutthroat battle for stardom, seeking to become a new sensation. LIMELIGHT is one of the latest acts that burst onto the music scene on Sept. 29. The trio held a pre-debut event two days before its official debut at Ilchi Art Hall in Gangnam District, southern Seoul, to premiere its debut single, “STARLIGHT.”
[INTERVIEW] Early elimination from 'Street Man Fighter' becomes 'springboard for future success': PrimeKingz
The fifth episode of Mnet's dance competition show, “Street Man Fighter" that aired on Sept. 20, shocked many viewers. Dance crew PrimeKingz - which was thought of as one of the heavy favorites - became the first team to be eliminated from the program after losing a battle with Bank Two Brothers (BIIB.) Some viewers even took to social media platforms to criticize the program...
[INTERVIEW] K-pop fan turned songwriter shares how she wrote ITZY, NMIXX's hits
On Sept. 19, songwriter Charlotte Wilson shed tears as she watched the performance of “DICE” by rookie K-pop girl group NMIXX at YES24 Live Hall in eastern Seoul. Seeing the septet take the stage with the new song that she composed made her feel extremely emotional, although it was not the first time that a popular K-pop act performed her song. “NMIXX members are like my litt...
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