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Reporter : Dong Sun-hwa
Fri, July 1, 2022 | 00:54
[INTERVIEW] Korea needs more small-sized concert venues: Prof. Lee Gyu-tag
With President-elect Yoon Suk-yeol set to take office on May 10, Lee Gyu-tag, a K-pop expert and associate professor of cultural studies at George Mason University Korea, is calling on the new administration to build more small and mid-sized concert venues for various pop singers and create more platforms where they can meet the audience.
Former GFriend member Yuju sings on track for drama 'Kiss Sixth Sense'
Yuju, a former member of K-pop act GFriend, has released “My Americano,” a song included in the soundtrack of the new Disney+ series “Kiss Sixth Sense.” Characterized by upbeat tropical sounds and Yuju's velvety voice, “My Americano” hit multiple streaming platforms on Wednesday afternoon. Based on the webnovel of the same name, “Kiss Sixth Sense” is a romance story starring ...
[INTERVIEW] 'We want to help Korean dancers build global fandoms'
“Be Mbitious” is cable channel Mnet's latest dance competition show for male dancers who do not belong to a crew. Premiered on Tuesday, the program has been garnering positive reviews from many young viewers, who used to be big fans of Mnet's previous survival dance programs such as “Street Woman Fighter” (2021).
Yoogeum Museum sheds light on roof tiles from East Asia
Yoogeum Museum is the only museum in Korea dedicated to collecting and exhibiting roof tiles from different East Asian countries - Korea, China and Japan. Founded in March 2008, it is home to some 5,000 roof tiles and other stones used to decorate the walls and floors of ancient buildings.
'GOT7 has not disbanded'
Last year, all seven members of K-pop act GOT7 terminated their contracts with JYP Entertainment, the K-pop powerhouse that debuted the group in 2014. But this was not the end of GOT7 - instead, it was a new beginning. GOT7, consisting of Mark, Jay B, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam and Yugyeom, put out its self-titled mini-album on Monday, more than a year after the rele...
Girl group NiziU to begin 1st Japanese tour
K-pop powerhouse JYP Entertainment's all-Japanese girl group NiziU will embark on its Japanese tour for the first time since its 2020 debut, the company said, Monday. “The nine-piece act will kick off its NiziU Live with U 2022 'Light it Up' tour on July 23 and stage 15 concerts in seven cities,” JYP said in a statement. “The first leg of the tour will take place at the World...
K-pop act Monsta X embarks on first US tour in 3 years
K-pop act Monsta X kicked off its U.S. tour, Saturday (local time), about three years after its last world tour.
Why does it take so long for K-pop group members to go solo?
The news that Nayeon of K-pop girl group TWICE will make her solo debut with the EP, “IM NAYEON,” on June 24, electrified her fans worldwide. But at the same time, many wondered why it has taken nearly seven years for this talented singer to go solo after she debuted as part of TWICE in 2015.
Former GFriend member Yerin makes solo debut with 'Aria'
K-pop act GFriend was famed for its powerful vocal delivery and precise choreography. But its former member, Yerin, who dropped her first solo EP, “Aria,” Wednesday, has opted to showcase something different as a soloist. “I feel like I am starting everything over,” the 25-year-old, who also has been forging an acting career, said during a press conference at the World K-pop ...
PSY's first boy group TNX makes much-anticipated debut with EP 'Way Up'
Will rookie boy group TNX follow in the footsteps of PSY - the CEO of its record label P Nation - and etch their name in K-pop history? The six-piece act, which is the first boy group launched by “Gangnam Style” (2012) star PSY, made its debut, Tuesday, with its first mini-album, “Way Up” amid high expectations. It consists of six winners from SBS' survival show, “Loud” (2021...
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