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Sun, August 14, 2022 | 13:38
Xdinary Heroes - JYP's first boy band in 6 years - debuts with 'Happy Death Day'
Everyone is the hero of their own story, and the new boy band Xdinary Heroes, which burst onto the K-pop scene with its debut single, “Happy Death Day” on Monday, is set to prove that.
'No K-pop on a dead planet': Activists urge entertainment companies to combat climate change
Some 10,000 K-pop fans from 83 countries have called on major entertainment companies to join the global fight against climate change, asking them to organize green tours and refrain from using plastic when producing the singers' albums.
Girl group Kep1er postpones debut due to COVID-19 concerns
K-pop girl group Kep1er has postponed its debut due to COVID-19 concerns. The nine-piece act was initially set to debut with the album “FIRST IMPACT” on Dec. 14, but its management companies Wake One Entertainment and Swing Entertainment pushed back the date after one of their staff members tested positive for COVID-19 on Dec. 4.
'K-Music Matters' conference sheds light on K-pop stars' publicity rights
Last year, the Supreme Court made a ruling that marked a milestone in protecting the intellectual rights of K-pop stars. Upholding a lower court decision, the court ruled in favor of K-pop record label Big Hit Entertainment (now HYBE), which filed an injunction against a local magazine for publishing photo books featuring its biggest stars BTS without its consent.
Lim Young-woong's 'My Starry Love' is most popular music video on YouTube in Korea this year
Amid the roaring K-pop boom, singer Lim Young-woong has proven the power of trot music, with his “My Starry Love” music video becoming the most popular music video on YouTube in Korea this year.
BTS most streamed Korean artist on Spotify this year
K-pop behemoth BTS was the most streamed Korean artist on Spotify this year, the streaming giant said Wednesday.
Rookie girl group IVE eyes becoming 'First XI' in K-pop world
In the realm of football, the term “First XI” often refers to a team of 11 players picked from those with the most outstanding performances. Hence, by naming its debut track, “ELEVEN,” K-pop rookie IVE overtly showed its ambition to become game changers in the K-pop scene, which is already brimming with gifted stars.
Debut of new Thai K-pop star stirs debate due to her father's political background
K-pop record label Grandline Group (GLG) has been causing a stir after unveiling a Thai member of its soon-to-debut girl group H1-KEY, with numerous Thai K-pop fans demanding her removal due to her father's political background.
EXO's Kai gives taste of his second solo 'Peaches'
Coincidentally, Kai of K-pop titan EXO unleashed his second solo EP “Peaches” on Nov. 30, exactly one year after making his solo debut with his self-titled album. But the SM Entertainment star revealed that he did not intend to make Nov. 30 such a special day, saying it just took a while for him to work on new music as he endeavored to lift its quality and come up with someth...
WINNER's Mino, ATEEZ and NCT set to conquer K-pop scene in December
For K-pop stars, December is an eventful month packed with end-of-year awards ceremonies and concerts, but quite a few of them are planning to release new music next month to wrap up the year. Included in the star-studded lineup are Mino of K-pop boy band WINNER, ATEEZ and NCT.