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Reporter : Dong Sun-hwa
Sun, August 14, 2022 | 13:16
'Squid Game' makes history in Korea's drama industry
The Korean dystopian drama “Squid Game” and its actors have made history in Korea's drama industry by winning three awards at the U.S. Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards, Sunday (local time). Lee Jung-jae and Jung Ho-yeon, who starred in Netflix's mega-hit 2021 series, took home best male actor and female actor awards in the TV drama category, becoming the first Korean actors t...
Dong-A Ilbo publisher named head of Korean Association of Newspapers
Lim Chae-chung, publisher of the vernacular newspaper Dong-A Ilbo, has been appointed head of the Korean Association of Newspapers. The association said it selected Lim at its general meeting last Friday. He will lead the group for two years.
[INTERVIEW] Thai K-pop star SORN talks about K-pop life, new single 'Sharp Objects'
The K-pop world is not all glitter and shine. Aspiring singers often have to undergo years of ruthless vocal and dancing training at the expense of school life, going head-to-head with one another to make their debuts. But debuting is not the end, as, even after becoming singers, they must compete more fiercely with other gifted singers, if they do not want to fall off people...
[REVIEW] Actor Seo Kyung-soo steals scene in musical 'Something Rotten!'
Set in 1595 London, musical comedy “Something Rotten!” revolves around the Bottom Brothers, Nick and Nigel, playwrights who are overshadowed by their contemporary, William Shakespeare. Although the two brothers are the main protagonists of the wildly popular theatrical show, in its Korean production, Shakespeare - played by actor Seo Kyung-soo - literally steals the scene wit...
[INTERVIEW] Meet Billlie, mysterious yet captivating K-pop rookie group
Once people hear the name “Billlie,” a rookie K-pop girl group that burst onto the music scene last November, they scratch their heads over its meaning. In fact, the name drops some crucial hints about the group's fictional universe, which is enigmatic yet gripping. According to member Moon Sua, “Billlie” can be interpreted as “Bi 11 lie.”
AI translation key to communication in metaverse: Flitto CEO
The role of artificial intelligence (AI) in translation is becoming more important in the metaverse where people across the world can join and communicate, says Simon Lee, CEO of translation service provider, Flitto.
BTOB's 'The Song' conquers music streaming charts
K-pop boy group BTOB is ruling major music streaming charts with its latest track, “The Song.” “The Song,” the lead single off the group's third full-length album, “Be Together,” is reigning atop the real-time charts of Bugs and Genie as of Tuesday. Written by member Hyunsik, “The Song” is a lyrical ballad highlighting BTOB's musical maturity, which revolves around everlastin...
Small K-pop labels rising
The K-pop industry has been largely dominated by the so-called “Big 4” entertainment companies - SM, YG, JYP and HYBE - which represent some of the most bankable stars, like BTS, NCT and BLACKPINK. Their massive clout is most visible in the sales of physical albums, with the singers from these four labels accounting for 60.9 percent of total sales in 2021, according to sales ...
Chinese movie sparks controversy for depiction of Korean speedskaters
A Chinese movie has caused a stir for depicting Korean speedskaters as being dirty or unethical, leading a Korean professor to take the issue to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for violating the Olympic spirit.
More K-pop audition programs to air this year
The stellar success of K-pop groups created through audition programs ― such as Kep1er and ENHYPEN ― is prompting the launch of similar shows. Since talent search shows can help singers establish solid fan bases from the beginning of their careers, more entertainment companies are planning to produce them in 2022 to jump on the bandwagon.