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Reporter : Kim Se-jeong
Sun, February 25, 2024 | 18:48
KARA's Park Gyu-ri questioned over ex-boyfriend's alleged business fraud
Park Gyu-ri, a member of K-pop group KARA, was recently questioned by prosecutors as a witness over her ex-boyfriend's alleged business fraud. Park was a curator of a gallery that belonged to a local art-sharing platform operator, Pica Project, where her ex-boyfriend, Song Ja-ho, was the CEO. The company issues a crypto token named PicaArtMoney, which it sold primarily to ind...
'Buying Americano for delivery rider' gets mixed reactions
The Korea Times readers were divided in their responses over a local coffee franchise's recent move to add “An Americano for your coffee delivery rider” for 1,000 won to its menu.
Lego's BTS Dynamite set available as of March 1
Lego announced it will roll out a block set featuring K-pop boy group BTS, which will go on sale March 1. It will also be available at the BTS pop-up stores later in the month. The set, featuring the seven members of the boy band and the places shown in the music video of their smash hit “Dynamite,” will be available at Lego's online and offline stores.
Actress Park Min-young under investigation over Bithumb embezzlement case
Actress Park Min-young was questioned by prosecutors on Tuesday in connection with embezzlement allegations at Bithumb, the operator of Korea's largest cryptocurrency exchange, according to Korean media outlets.
Court documents reveal details of former Big Bang member's sex trafficking
As Seungri, a former member of K-pop group Big Bang, was released from prison last Thursday, a local cable news channel released court documents revealing his involvement in sex trafficking.
Volleyball star Kim Yeon-koung appeals for aid to help quake victims in Turkey
Korean volleyball star Kim Yeon-koung is appealing to Koreans to help Turkey and Syria, which have been devastated by a 7.8-magnitude earthquake.In two Instagram posts, the volleyball player shared a picture of a dog sitting next to its owner who was buried under rubble, following a quake that left thousands of people dead. Along with the image was text explaining where and h...
Seoul narrows in on new slogan
What will Seoul's new promotional slogan be? The Seoul Metropolitan Government is still in the process of selecting one among four.
Taxi passengers in Seoul taken aback by fare increase
As the base taxi fare in Seoul reached 4,800 won, Wednesday, 1,000 won higher than the day before, many passengers expressed their surprise.
Seoul city council under fire for sexual conduct guidelines for teachers
The Seoul Metropolitan Council has come under fire after it released a new education ordinance proposal stating sexual conduct guidelines for teachers and students.
Garbage collector mistakes sex doll for corpse
While the increasing imports of sex dolls serve to comfort lonely men in Korea, they're also frightening some men, particularly garbage collectors.
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