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Reporter : Kim Se-jeong
Sun, December 3, 2023 | 05:53
Mayors to discuss sustainable development, climate change
Mayors from 39 cities from around the world will gather in Seoul later this week to discuss inclusive development and climate change. According to the Seoul Metropolitan Government, Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris, will be among the mayors to take part in two separate conferences in Seoul on Thursday and Friday. Thursday’s conference, organized by the OECD, is on inclusive, sustainable cities. The other, on Friday organized by the Seoul government and International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, is on climate change.
Gov't asbestos management draws fire from lawmaker
Lawmakers grilled the environment minister over asbestos management Friday, the first day of the National Assembly audit of the environment ministry. Asbestos is a cancer-causing material that was widely used in construction. Rep. Kim Sam-wha from the opposition People’s Party, presented data showing that out of 800 buildings used as small after-school institutions - smaller than 1,000 square meters in size - 427, or 53 percent, had asbestos used in construction
[My Seoul Story] A personal tour of Korea's cultural past
I discovered the Museum of Shamanism in typical “small world” fashion, while my cousin visited me in Korea in the ...
Authorities seek owner of gold bars found at Incheon airport
Authorities at Incheon International Airport said Thursday they were continuing to look for the owner of five gold bars worth 20 million won and 20 million won in cash found at the airport. The airport security office said the gold bars and cash were found Oct. 3 in two bags abandoned at a restaurant in the airport’s terminal for departing passengers. The police also found Vietnamese currency.
Thyroid cancer patients say no to nuclear power plants
More than 600 thyroid cancer patients living near nuclear power plants in the country came together earlier this week, calling on the government to keep its construction of new nuclear power plants halted. They also asked the government to help them cope with their ordeals. Their calls came while the public debate on the construction of two Shin-Kori reactors is at its peak.
Visitors in Seoul can order food on mobile devices
Food is one of the beauties of traveling. A challenge when you don’t speak the language of the country you are visiting is to find authentic restaurants popular with locals, and to place an order for the dish of your choice.
itrip helps visitors in Seoul travel freely
Luggage can be a big headache during travel. Especially when it is big and heavy, it is often awkward and limits travelers from last-minute sightseeing before leaving for home. However, foreign travelers in Seoul have little to worry about as SAFEX, a service provided by the tourism company itrip, caters to incoming travelers by taking care of their baggage at the beginning a...
Praying for families in North Korea
Roh Hee-kwan, 87, was at Imjingak, Sept. 27, an outdoor park close to the inter-Korean border, gazing at the distant mountains in North Korea. Visiting Imjingak is part of his holiday routine now. He, and his wife, Cho Jeong-sook, come here to wish his family members in the North well and pray that someday he will see his mother and three siblings face to face. Imjingak is th...
Bus, subway rides to free on 'fine dust days' from Nov. 2
Back in June, the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that from July, buses and subways in the city would be free on days when fine dust levels were particularly high. On Friday, the city government said the program has been pushed back until Nov. 20 due to technical issues. Initially it did not explain the silence over the three month delay, except to cite technical issues.
Asthma patients are now humidifier disinfectant victims
Those who developed asthma after using humidifier disinfectants are now victims of the nation’s worst biocide scandal and are eligible for government financial support for their treatment. According to the Ministry of Environment, Tuesday, a committee on humidifier disinfectant damage relief came to the decision during a meeting the precious day. The committee is made up of medical professionals, lawyers and government officials.