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Reporter : Kim Se-jeong
Fri, December 8, 2023 | 04:39
Decision about 'English education ban' to be revealed Tuesday
The Ministry of Education is flip-flopping on its controversial policy to ban teaching English to preschoolers as parents strongly oppose the move. The ministry had initially announced a plan to stop teaching English at daycare centers and kindergartens.
Gov't to beef up air quality monitoring during Olympic Games
The Ministry of Environment will bolster its air pollution monitoring efforts for Gangwon Province during the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games. The ministry said a special monitoring mission will kick off on Feb. 15 until the end of March. The world’s largest Winter Olympics events are scheduled to run from Feb. 9 through March 18.
Court orders to freeze assets of Park Geun-hye
A Seoul court on Friday accepted prosecutors’ request to freeze assets owned by ousted President Park Geun-hye who is on trial for corruption. The Seoul Central District Court issued its ruling on her assets worth at least 5.8 billion won - her Seoul home worth 2.8 billion won, 3 billion won cash held by her lawyer Yoo Young-ha and an unknown amount in her savings account - until her final verdict. The prosecution made the request for fear of her assets being sold off or transferred.
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Disconnect yourself at Grand Ambassador Seoul
With the year-end and New Year's parties over, it's time to disconnect and recharge. For those who want to remain at least partly connected by technology, take a look at the rooms on the executive floor of the Grand Ambassador Seoul Associated with Pullman. The hotel's internet of things (IoT) package offers all the comfort and relaxation you could possibly imagine.
Dirty air degrades Korea's quality of life
The exposure to air pollutants at the PM 2.5 density level and an insufficient water supply will undermine the quality of lives for Koreans, according to the OECD. In “How's Life 2017?” released by the organization, high household debt and low trust in the national government also affect people's life satisfaction.
Biz tycoons due to testify against former President Park
This week's hearing in former President Park Geun-hye's trial is expected to involve owners of big Korean companies testifying against her. Park is on trial for dozens of corruption charges, including pressuring conglomerates to make donations to the Mir and K-Sports foundations controlled by her confidant Choi Soon-sil. In return, Park allegedly offered business favors to the companies.
Ousted leader faces additional bribery charges
Prosecutors filed additional bribery charges against former President Park Geun-hye, Thursday, accusing her of receiving 3.65 billion won ($3.43 million) from the country's spy agency while she was in office.The prosecution alleged Park was given up to 200 million ($187,600) per month between May 2013 and July 2016 from the National Intelligence Service (NIS).
BBQ vows to actively counter BHC lawsuit
Genesis BBQ has pledged to more actively counter a lawsuit filed by chicken franchiser BHC over a disputed supply contract. One of Korea’s leading fried chicken franchisers also plans to bolster communication between its headquarters and franchisees to better deal with a range of pending issues. Yoon Kyung-joo, who became the company CEO last June, recently sent a message to franchisees explaining two major scandals involving the company in an effort to drum up support from them.
61% of Koreans view foreigners not members of Korea
More than six out of 10 Koreans do not view migrant workers as “members of Korea,” a survey showed Wednesday, indicating the country still has a long way to go until becoming a truly multiracial society. According to the Overseas Korea Foundation's survey of 820 adults nationwide, 61.1 percent of respondents have difficulties in accepting migrant workers as members of society, a sign of deteriorating public opinion toward non-Koreans. In the foundation's 2013 survey, only 57.5 percent said they did not accept them as members of Korean society.