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Reporter : Kim Se-jeong
Sat, December 9, 2023 | 07:31
Hotel briefs
Hotel briefs
Seoul and Incheon hotels offer promotions to celebrate the year of dog
Many hotels use the Chinese zodiac as a marketing tool, producing private-brand product or service packages associated with the year's zodiac animal to reach out to potential guests.Hotels in Seoul and Incheon have prepared interesting packages in celebration of 2018, known as the year of The dog, man's most beloved animal.
More Koreans opting to isolate themselves
Relationships in Korea were traditionally formed by two important factors: where a person was from and what schools they attended. They were so important that they could change a person's career and social status. These relationships were maintained through regular meetings after work and weekends during which people engaged in drinking sessions, karaoke and group hikes among...
Chief justice hints at continuing probe into blacklist of judges
Chief Justice Kim Myeong-su hinted Wednesday he would continue the search for a blacklist of judges, which a special committee failed to find.“I will complement the investigation results and will form a new body to discuss where to go from here,” Kim said in a statement. “As the court has done until now, we will work our way out of this mess on our own.” His statement came tw...
Drunken driving rules to get tough
The government will take tougher action against drunken driving by lowering the blood alcohol limit for suspending a person's license to 0.03 percent from the current 0.05 percent to reduce the number of traffic accidents caused by drunken drivers.
Police buses blamed for worsening fine dust
Cars, buses, and trucks are often blamed for fine dust that places public health in danger in Korea. Last week, Particulate Matter 2.5 concentrations in air pollution were unusually high and so the first thing the Seoul Metropolitan Government tried to do was remove cars from the roads. What about police buses that are seen at rally sites and parked in front of public buildin...
YallaKOREA draws Muslim travelers to Seoul
Until early last year, the backbone for Korea's tourism industry was Chinese tourists. However, as the flow of Chinese tourists declined due to the deployment of a U.S. Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) battery, Muslim tourists have filled the gap. Founded less than two years ago, YallaKOREA caters to Muslim tourists _ mostly those in the Gulf region _ with customiz...
Gov't gets bolder in actions against air pollution
Environment ministry at work to make odd-even vehicle ban mandatory
English class ban for preschoolers suspended
The Ministry of Education decided Tuesday to suspend its earlier plan to ban English classes for preschoolers, which was due to begin in March, after facing protests from angry parents.
Korea improves work safety for street cleaners
The government dedicated itself to improving working conditions for 34,000 sanitation workers in the country, Tuesday. Street cleaners and garbage collectors are often overworked and at risk of accidents because their work is done late at night or early in the morning.