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Reporter : Kim Se-jeong
Mon, December 4, 2023 | 15:38
Seoul City to create 60,000 new jobs
The Seoul Metropolitan Government unveiled a future growth plan Wednesday that will create more than 60,000 innovative jobs by 2022. Announcing Seoul's future innovative growth project, Mayor Park Won-soon said the city will spend 3.4 trillion won ($3.2 billion) toward achieving the goal of nurturing almost 10,000 small- and medium-sized enterprises and new companies.
Prosecution launches investigative body into sexual harassment allegations
The Supreme Prosecutors' Office (SPO) said Wednesday it will look into the sexual harassment allegations raised by a female prosecutor against senior male supervisor. On Monday, Seo Ji-hyun, a public prosecutor at the Tongyeong branch of the Changwon District Prosecutors' Office in southern Korea, claimed she was groped by Ahn Tae-geun, a former senior prosecutor, at a funera...
Dobbit makes tourism videos for Seoul
How do you ride the subway in Seoul? How do you find a vegetarian restaurant? How do you go skating on the ice rink in front of City Hall? For random questions tourists in Seoul might have, “How to Seoul” videos help them find answers.
Central Seoul to ban old diesel vehicles from 2019
The Seoul Metropolitan Government will ban old diesel-run vehicles within the city's four remaining ancient gates _ Namdaemun in the south, Doneuimun in the west, Heunginjimun in the east and Sukjeongmun in the north _ sometime next year, a bold move to tackle fine dust in the city.
Yongin to buy school uniforms for 23,000 students
Yongin City, 40 kilometers south of Seoul, will provide free school uniforms to all middle and high school freshmen there this year. According to the city government, the policy will benefit almost 23,000 students, saving them 296,130 won each.
Unconstitutional to deny childcare support for families with overseas residence permits
The Constitutional Court on Friday ruled that rejecting childcare and daycare support for parents with overseas residence permits is unconstitutional. In a unanimous vote, all nine justices said the government's policy toward these parents is discriminatory.
Millennium Hilton's first native Korean manager
Lee Jong-hun is the Millennium Seoul Hilton's new general manager, the first native Korean to lead the hotel in its 35 years. The hotel announced his appointment on Jan. 19.Speaking with The Korea Times on Monday, Lee said candidly: “I would be lying if I am not nervous.”
4 contract workers killed in gas leak at POSCO
Four contract workers died Thursday after inhaling an unidentified gas in an oxygen cooling tower at steelmaker POSCO's factory in Pohang, North Gyeongsang Province, according to police. Officers said the victims were replacing interior material inside the cooling tower used to provide oxygen to a blast furnace and are thought to have inhaled leaking nitrogen. It’s unclear where the gas leaked from. Nitrogen itself isn’t harmful, but can kill people when there is a lack of oxygen. A police investigation is ongoing to find the exact cause of their deaths.
5-star hotels' dilemma: Running unprofitable restaurants to maintain status
During dinner hours, the Parkview, the buffet restaurant at Shilla Seoul is packed with diners.It is an unusual scene for a restaurant of a five-star hotel amid the race among high-end hotels in the city to open their restaurants. But, hoteliers and experts say the Parkview's success is not what it appears to be.
Hotel briefs
Hotel briefs