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Reporter : Kim Se-jeong
Tue, September 26, 2023 | 07:14
Why national 'banning coffee at school' proposal is wrong
..On Jan. 25, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety announced that the National Assembly Health and Welfare Committee had proposed legislation prohibiting elementary, middle, and high schools from selling coffee to both students and adults. If the bill passes the National Assembly, coffee will no longer be sold at schools starting in July of this year. In other words, my long-...
Seoul to raise taxi fare later this year
The Seoul Metropolitan Government is contemplating a taxi fare increase to improve the lives of drivers. Seoul has almost 72,000 registered taxis. Among them, approximately 23,000, mostly orange taxis, belong to companies, while self-employed drivers own and operate the others.
Hotel briefs
Hotel briefs
Seoul to provide 240,000 affordable homes over 5 years
Seoul will provide an additional 240,000 public housing units over the next five years to reduce living costs for young non-homeowners, the city government said Tuesday. “Amid the volatile housing market, we believe providing more public housing units is critical to enhancing the quality of life for Seoul residents,” a city official said. The official said among these new hom...
Severe drought strikes Korea
From Seoul to Ulsan, precipitation has been exceptionally low this winter and people in remote areas face drinking water shortages.
Olympic-themed hotel food, beverage promotions in Seoul, Busan
The PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games has many Korean glued to the TV in the evening. As the sporting event draw to a close on Sunday, they are looking forward to the closing ceremony.For the past two weeks, hotels across the country have been offering PyeongChang-themed promotions to cater to the winter sports fans, who are in a celebration mood. As the Olympics won't end for...
Millennium Hilton's new chef embarks on journey to find his roots
Being a hotel chef, especially for an international hotel chain, is one of the most traveled jobs. But, many take the job for a chance to live in many parts of the world and gain meaningful career experiences. For Anders Groenholm, the new executive chef at Millennium Seoul Hilton, one of the oldest hotels in Korea, his motivation for taking the job was personal: to find his ...
Nurse's suicide sheds light on bullying in hospital
A nurse's suicide last week is shedding light on prevalent bullying by senior staff nurses against their juniors in hospitals. Dubbed “taewoom” meaning “burning” in Korean, bullying is a long “tradition” in the nursing community which new nurses deplore. Yet, rooting it out has been problematic _ nurses say the bigger the hospital is, the worse the situation is.
Naturalized men may face conscription
Naturalized male citizens may be subject to the country's mandatory military service.The government said Tuesday it will begin discussion this year on whether to oblige foreign nationals who acquire Korean citizenship to serve in the military as all able-bodied men here have to.Currently, military service for naturalized Koreans is voluntary. Adding naturalized Koreans to the...
Defector makes film about human rights in North Korea
Gim Gyu-min, 43, is a North Korean defector and a film director committed to telling stories of horrendous human rights violations in North Korea. His most recent work, “First Step,” a documentary featuring advocacy work by North Korean human rights activists from North Korea, premiered in Seoul on Saturday.