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Sat, September 23, 2023 | 12:57
Seoul vows to develop western, northern parts
The Seoul Metropolitan Government unveiled a new development plan Wednesday to narrow the gap between the affluent southeastern part of Seoul and other less affluent parts of the city.
Work-life balance distant dream for small business owners
Small business owners work 10.9 hours on average a day and have only three days off a month, a sign of a failed work-life balance, according to a recent study.The Korea Federation of Small and Medium Businesses released the survey results Monday after asking 700 small business owners about their work-life balance in November and December last year. The research team limited r...
#MeToo rocks Myongji Univ, University of Seoul
A professor at the University of Seoul has been accused of sexually harassing a student, the latest in a series of sexual misconduct allegations sweeping the nation's ivory towers.The university said Monday it halted all classes of Prof. Park Man-yeop of the College of Liberal Arts and Cross-Disciplinary Studies and will interview him this week. The allegation was raised by a...
City bike rental to become easier
The Seoul Metropolitan Government said Sunday it will revamp the membership registration system for the city's shared bicycle network to enhance user convenience.The bikes currently run on membership and those who want to use them must type in personal information details to a central server and go through a smartphone authorization process.
Celebrate arrival of spring with Seoul hotel packages
As the bigger coldness of the winter draws to a close, many are anticipating the warmth of spring. Hotels around Seoul are offering packages to celebrate this exciting transition of seasons.
Hotel briefs
Hotel briefs
Migrant workers in rural areas find 'Korean dream' out of reach
Botum is a migrant worker from Cambodia. Arriving in Korea in 2016, she worked at a strawberry farm in South Chungcheong Province. Her day usually started at 6 a.m. and finished around 10 p.m. with two hours for a meal break _ during the harvest season, she didn't even get that. When things are down, she is transported to other farms and does other random work.
Seoul hosts various activities to mark March 1 Movement Day
Ninety-nine years ago today, 33 activists gathered in Seoul and declared Joseon an independent state, triggering a nationwide independence movement against the Japanese occupation that lasted from 1910 to 1945.For the 99th anniversary, the Seoul Metropolitan Government is staging several events to celebrate the movement and help people remember the courageous activists who stood up against Japanese atrocities.
Vehicle restriction troubles civil servants in Sejong City
A vehicle ban, which goes into effect Thursday at the Sejong Government Complex, is expected to inconvenience many civil servants there and others frequenting the complex.
Footage of massacred Korean sex slaves found [VIDEO]
The Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul National University Human Rights Center unveiled video footage, Tuesday, showing scores of female bodies of Korean sex slaves being dumped after being killed by Japanese soldiers during World War II.