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Reporter : Kim Se-jeong
Thu, September 28, 2023 | 00:04
Ex-governor grilled over rape allegations
Former Governor of South Chungcheong Province An Hee-jung was questioned by prosecutors for the second time Monday over a series of rape allegations. Arriving at the Seoul Western District Prosecutors' Office, he denied the allegations and said his sexual relations with the two victims were based on mutual consent.
Hotel briefs
Hotel briefs
Hotel packages to enjoy during cherry blossom season
This year's cherry blossom season is about to begin. The first to be swept by the beautiful sweet-smelling flowers is the touristic island of Jeju around March 24, followed by Busan on March 27, Gyeongju on March 28, Daejeon on April 2, Gangneung on April 4 and Seoul on April 7.
Scandal-hit Olympic skater hospitalized for mental problem
Speed skater Kim Bo-reum, who was at the center of a bullying scandal during the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, and her mother have both been hospitalized for anxiety and stress treatment.
Daegu residents file petition for statue removal
Nearly 1,200 Daegu residents filed a petition with the city's district council to remove a statue of a primitive man in their neighborhood. The Dalseo-gu Council of southwestern Daegu will examine the petition late next month when they meet for a session, while the Dalseo-gu Office which spearheaded the statue project wants to keep the statue.
Gangnam-gu Office faces leadership vacuum
Gangnam-gu Office has been grappling with a leadership vacuum since its head was arrested on charges of embezzlement and abuse of power.Compounded by the upcoming May 13 local elections, many officials have virtually abandoned their duties, while paying attention to who will become the next district chief.
Migrant wives suffer from sexual violence
The recent #MeToo movement resonates with many women in Korea, giving them a sense of social justice. But it doesn’t fully do so with immigrant wives in Korea who often fall victim to sexual assault at home. Tens of thousands of young Asian women have moved to Korea after marrying Korean men - their population outnumbers female migrant workers. Many experience hardships in th...
Korea wrestling with falling blood donation
Korea's fast-shrinking birthrate coupled with a fast-growing elderly population is having an unexpected consequence: a blood shortage. According to Korean Red Cross Blood Donation Centers Monday, the national blood stock fell to 3.9 days, shorter than five days which is regarded as most desirable. The blood stock is calculated by dividing the total number of red blood cell sa...
Mapo baker bakes cookies for pet dogs
Lee Eun-ju, 30, is not an ordinary baker. Every day, she bakes cookies and cakes but they're not for people. They're for pets only, mainly, dogs.
Prosecution stepping up pressure on ex-president Lee
The prosecution is stepping up its pressure on former President Lee Myung-bak, planning to summon him for questioning over diverse corruption charges.