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Reporter : Kim Se-jeong
Mon, May 29, 2023 | 17:45
[INTERVIEW] Sports Promotion Foundation chief proposes diverse sports exchanges with N. Korea
Cho Jae-kee, chairman of the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation (KSPO), said the Tour de Korea, an annual bicycle race organized by his organization, can connect North and South Korea, and expressed hope that the North would join this year's event.
Passion for underappreciated hero, Homer Hulbert
Back in 1989 when Kim Dong-jin was working in New York at Chemical Bank headquarters, he was called in for a meeting with Richard Hulbert, the senior standing auditor.
No. 1 ball-striker on KLPGA Tour shows ropes
The New Year is drawing closer. Korean golf fans are eager to know if the feat similar to what happened this season would follow in 2020. Five talented KLPGA Tour rookies combined for eight victories, emerging as future stars and heralding South Korea to remain as a golf powerhouse.
AI defeats Go master Lee Se-dol in 2nd round
Korea's top Go master Lee Se-dol was defeated by HanDol, a locally developed artificial intelligence program in the second round of the match held in Seoul, Thursday, following Lee's victory the day before. The second match took a lot more time than the first and HanDol, developed in 2017 by NHN Entertainment Corp., held a clear lead for more than half the time. The last game...
Lee Se-dol beats Korean-made AI in 1st round
Korea's all-time Go master Lee Se-dol beat won a game against an opponent powered by a locally developed artificial intelligence program in Seoul, Wednesday, three years after his historic match with Google's AlphaGo in 2016.
UK documentary revisits Diego Maradona
“Maradona is God.” This is how the football legend Diego Maradona was referred to by the people of Naples, the home city of Italian football club S.S.C. Napoli, as well as football fans all across the globe.
System dynamics scholar explains climate change through games
Chung Chang-kwon, a system dynamics (SD) expert and educator, goes around the country to explain climate change through games.
Retired baseball star hits lifetime home run in Laos
For older baseball fans who've watched the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) League since 1982 when it was launched, former Samsung Lions catcher Lee Man-soo is a player hard to miss. Lee hit KBO's first home run in the opening game against the then MBC Blue Dragons, now the LG Twins, which helped him earn the nickname “Hulk” after the U.S. TV series that was a big hit in Kor...
Pim Verbeek: Former coach and eternal friend of South Korea, passes away
Thursday was a sad day for South Korean soccer as Pim Verbeek passed away in his Netherlands home surrounded by his family.
Astana stun United youngsters in Europa League
Kazakh champions Astana fought back to surprise a youthful Manchester United 2-1 in the Europa League on Thursday.