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Reporter : Kim Se-jeong
Mon, May 29, 2023 | 18:44
Global intern from Rwanda reads books to children
Claudine Ukubereyimfura, 22, a student at Yonsei University, is a storyteller who reads books in English to children in Seoul.
Gangnam launches new logo 'ME ME WE GANGNAM'
Gangnam District has recently launched its own logo, “ME ME WE GANGNAM.”
Korean Air to share profits with local tour companies
Korean Air said Thursday it will share part of the company's profits with local tour operators suffering from lower travel demand for Japan.
67 medical clinics open for Lunar New Year holiday
As the four-day Lunar New Year holiday starts, here are some things to keep in mind in the case of an emergency. For those who fall sick, 67 medical clinics and 1,829 pharmacies will stay open in Seoul. The list of hospitals includes the Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul Red Cross Hospital and Shinchon Yonsei Hospital. For those who can speak Korean, information can a...
Seoul mayor blames speculation for soaring housing prices
Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon blamed speculators for soaring housing prices in the capital, arguing Monday that the central government should impose higher taxes on property speculation and allocate extra money to build more public housing.
Customers sue Korean Air over loyalty program
Seven Korean Air customers filed a complaint with the Fair Trade Commission (FTC), Monday, alleging unfair trading over proposed changes to the company's loyalty program.
Court ruling sees spike in help requests on 'Bad Fathers'
Koo Bon-chang, an activist for Korean-Philippine children - referred to as Kopinos here - and the creator of the blog Bad Fathers, said Sunday that last week's court ruling acquitting him and his colleagues of defamation charges has led to countless requests for them to help with recovering overdue child support payments.
Watching migratory birds
Children watch migratory birds from the Nakdong Estuary Eco Center in Busan, Thursday. In winter, swans and mallard ducks stop to feed at the estuary, which is a famous bird watching spot in Korea. /Yonhap
KRA exploits jockeys, drives them to suicide
On Nov. 29 last year, Moon Joong-won, a 40-year-old jockey working at the BusanGyeongnam horse racetrack, committed suicide. He was the seventh person from the same racetrack to kill themselves over the last decade. In his suicide note, Moon criticized the Korea Racing Authority (KRA) for abuse and corruption, and preventing him from becoming a trainer.
Court sides with Kopino activist in defamation case
A local court in Suwon ruled in favor of a Kopino activist, Tuesday, who revealed the faces of people failing to pay child support in a defamation suit, a decision likely to add support to those who do not receive overdue payments.