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Reporter : Kim Se-jeong
Sun, February 25, 2024 | 16:44
Police consider revealing child porn suspect's identity
Police in Seoul are considering revealing the identity of a man who convinced minors to record pornographic videos of themselves which he then distributed using Telegram messenger.
All arrivals from Europe to get coronavirus test from Sunday
All arrivals from Europe will have to undergo a COVID-19 infection test at the country's airports and ports, starting Sunday, in enhanced screening to contain the ...
New virus cases climb as new infection clusters emerge
Korea continued to see a daily increase in new COVID-19 cases Thursday as cluster infections appeared in Daegu, the epicenter of the outbreak here, and other regions, according to the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC). There were 152 new cases reported Wednesday, a number back up to three-digit figures after infections had been tallied in double-digits f...
Consumers inundated with misinformation about coronavirus
The coronavirus pandemic is more health-conscious people fall for inaccurate information on social media and the internet.
WHO to join Korea's clinical research on COVID-19
The World Health Organization (WHO) will participate in clinical research being conducted in Korea on COVID-19, which is spreading rapidly around the world, the government said Wednesday.
All people arriving in Korea subject to screening from Thursday
Korea is expanding its special screening at airports and ports to all overseas travelers starting from Thursday, in an effort to contain COVID-19 which is spreading in Korea and around the world, the government said Tuesday.
Small churches become coronavirus hotbed
A Christian church is becoming another hotbed of COVID-19 infections in the Seoul metropolitan area, as 46 members, including the pastor and his wife, have been confirmed infected, Monday.
Soldier on quarantine mission
A soldier cleans a locker in a cram school for civil servants in Daegu, Sunday, as part of measure to contain the COVID-19 outbreak. Daegu had 41 new infections reported Saturday. / Yonhap
Gov't under pressure to delay school opening again
The Ministry of Education is under mounting pressure to postpone school openings until the beginning of April because new cases of coronavirus infections are still occurring.
Rural Korea hit by exodus of foreign workers
The worsening coronavirus epidemic here is hitting rural areas hard as a growing number of foreign workers, who have become the backbone of Korea's agriculture and fisheries industries, are returning to their home countries.