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Reporter : Kim Se-jeong
Sun, December 3, 2023 | 09:47
Parent assaults day care center worker with baby excrement; angry public urges lawmakers to act
More than 50,000 citizens have called on the legislative body to take action to better protect teachers' rights following a recent assault of a day care center staff member after a parent threw a diaper with baby excrement.
Watermelons in Joseon: a dangerous delectable
In Korea, one of the most iconic fruits of summer is the watermelon. There is something almost magical about eating ice-cold watermelon on a sweltering day, but, unfortunately, watermelon is one of the most expensive fruits found in the market - and this guilty little pleasure might cost you a hefty sum of money.
'The Glory' actress Kim Hieora faces bullying allegations
Actress Kim Hieora, renowned for her role in the Netflix drama, “The Glory,” faces bullying allegations raised by a local news outlet.
Plagiarism accusations against singer IU found not to constitute criminal charge
K-pop singer IU can now put behind her plagiarism accusations that arose earlier this year when an unidentified composer filed a complaint with the police, alleging that the singer-songwriter had copied the composer's works in six of her songs.
Advocate for Homer Hulbert urges enhanced awareness of foreign independence fighters
Marking the 74th anniversary of the death of Homer B. Hulbert, an American who helped Korea's independence movement in its struggle against Japanese colonization, on Thursday, Hulbert Memorial Society president Kim Dong-jin reiterated his call to the Korean government and the public to pay more attention to foreign independence fighters.
Actor Jo Sang-gun from film 'Tazza' passes away
Actor Jo Sang-gun, best known for his role as a detective in the film "Tazza: The High Rollers" (2006), passed away in April, according to his family, Tuesday. He was 77.
University students annoyed by accommodation provisions for Jamboree Scouts
Many Scouts who left the 25th World Scout Jamboree campsite in Saemangeum, North Jeolla Province, due to a typhoon forecast, found themselves in university dormitories mostly in Seoul and the surrounding capital region as educational institutions accepted the government's request to offer accommodations.
Sunny of Girls' Generation to leave SM Entertainment
Sunny, a member of K-pop group Girls' Generation, announced Tuesday her departure from SM Entertainment after 16 years with the company.
Renowned cartoonist in hot seat after accusing his son's teacher of child abuse
Joo Ho-min, a renowned cartoonist, is now in the hot seat for requesting police to investigate his son's teacher for child abuse. His request coincided with a growing outcry for increased protection of teachers after an elementary school teacher committed suicide last month.
Singer Psy invites soldiers to concert
Singer Psy, known for his ultra-popular song “Gangnam Style” and its signature horse dance, is good at firing up his concert-going fans from the stage.
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