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Reporter : Park Jae-hyuk
Sun, December 5, 2021 | 10:23
Early enforcement of strict lending rules raises concerns
Concerns have emerged over the government's announcement on Tuesday that tightened lending rules will take effect six months earlier than initially planned. The forthcoming regulations are intended to prevent the nation's snowballing level of household debt from dealing a blow to the domestic economy, but borrowers and financial experts have criticized the plan especially for...
International conference on green finance
Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) Governor Jeong Eun-bo, fourth from left, poses with participants in an international conference on green finance at Ewha Womans University in Seoul, Tuesday. He said in his opening remarks that a green transition is needed to respond to climate ...
Sookmyung Women's University to construct 'metaverse' campus
Participants in a memorandum of understanding signing ceremony for the construction of Sookmyung Women's University's “metaverse” campus pose at the university in Seoul, Monday. From the right are Shinhan Bank's digital group chief Jun Pil-hwan, Sookmyung Women's University President Chang Yun-keum, LG Uplus CEO Hwang Hyeon-sik and Mammo6 CEO Yoo Chul-ho. Shinhan ...
Celebrating Dokdo Day
NongHyup Bank CEO Kwon Jun-hak promotes the “NH Dokdoverse” metaverse platform at the bank's headquarters in Seoul, Monday, in celebration of the annual Oct. 25 Dokdo Day. The bank will open the platform in March next year for its customers to enjoy various experiences on the eastern islands through virtual reality. Courtesy of NongHyup Bank
Shinhan prompts KB, Hana to consider quarterly dividends
KB and Hana financial groups started considering paying quarterly dividends to their shareholders, in an apparent attempt to prevent an exodus of investors to Shinhan Financial Group, which plans to offer dividends in the third quarter, becoming the nation's first banking group to do so.
Citi to shut Korea's retail banking without sell-off
Citibank Korea's management informed its board of directors Friday that attempts to unload the consumer banking unit here had failed, leaving the U.S. headquarters with no alternative but to shut the unit down without selling it, according to industry sources and media reports, Sunday.
Starbucks under scrutiny of financial watchdog
Starbucks Coffee Korea has been included in the Financial Supervisory Service's (FSS) inspection of the financial soundness of 58 digital cash issuers that are not registered as electronic financial business operators, the financial watchdog said Thursday.
Fitch warns Korea about weakening export demand
Fitch Ratings viewed weakening demand for Korea's exports as a bigger risk to the country's sovereign rating than the snowballing household debt problem and surging housing prices, which are regarded by government officials as the biggest problems at this moment.
[ANALYSIS] New Capital Markets Act weighs on smaller PEFs
The enforcement of the revised Financial Investment Services and Capital Markets Act from Thursday this week has created a stir over the possibility of widening the gap between large and small private equity firms (PEFs) here.
Major law firms avoid defending FSS in lawsuit with Woori chief
The Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) has ultimately not hired attorneys from major law firms for the second round of its court battle with Woori Financial Group Chairman Son Tae-seung.
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