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Sun, December 3, 2023 | 09:58
Overwhelming joint forces
South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Kim Seung-kyum, front row center, and U.S. Pacific Air Forces Commander Gen. Ken Wilsbach, front row fourth from right, pose with other military officers in front of a U.S. B-52 strategic bomber at an air base in Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province, Thursday. During his visit there, Kim issued a warning to North Korea, saying...
Mass deportations of North Koreans cause tragic family separation
After escaping North Korea at 14 in the midst of a catastrophic famine in 1998, Kim Cheol-ok settled down in a small town in the northeastern Chinese province of Jilin, where she married a Chinese man and gave birth to a daughter.
Experts say Putin likely to visit Pyongyang this year
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will arrive in North Korea today for a two-day visit, amid suspicions of arms transfers between the two states and palpable signs of their expanding bilateral ties.
Criticism mounts on Beijing after repatriation of North Koreans
Suzanne Scholte, a renowned U.S. activist promoting North Korean human rights, has joined in with the criticism against Beijing after its forced repatriation of hundreds of North Koreans, comparing the tragedy to what is unfolding in the Israel-Hamas war in the Middle East.
'No vandalism': Minister calls for due process in removing statue of communist composer
Patriots and Veterans Affairs Minister Park Min-shik has called for a measured response and due process in taking down the “unconstitutional” statue of a communist composer, saying vandalism won’t help achieve the goal.
South Korean officials criticized over China's deportations of North Korean escapees
Human rights activists criticized South Korean government officials, Sunday, after China’s repatriation of hundreds of North Korean escapees last week, saying their unawareness of the move was a serious intelligence failure - if not a lie.
[ANALYSIS] North Korea pins hope on Trump's return to White House
Under President Joe Biden, Washington’s North Korea policy has been consistent, with little sign of change. While strengthening security ties with his counterparts in Seoul and Tokyo, Biden has maintained a position of no-concession on the denuclearization issue.
Pyongyang virtually nullified inter-Korean military pact: unification minister
Unification Minister Kim Yung-ho said on Wednesday that the inter-Korean accord designed to reduce military tensions has been practically nullified by Pyongyang and stressed that it is “wrong” for Seoul to continue to adhere to it alone.
Forgotten captives in North Korea
North Korea has been a merciless land for Christian missionaries over the decades. But for South Korean believers, it has been even more so.
Rights watchdog chief calls for active UN involvement in saving NK refugees
South Korea’s human rights watchdog chief has urged the U.N. refugee agency (UNHRC) to “take more proactive measures” to protect North Korean refugees in China where they tremble with the constant fear of deportation, according to a letter obtained by The Korea Times on Thursday.
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