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Reporter : Jung Min-ho
Mon, December 11, 2023 | 02:16
Nat'l Assembly revokes license of 'UN-Habitat Korean committee'
The National Assembly Secretariat revoked the operating license of the Korean National Committee for U.N.-Habitat after it was accused of collecting billions of won in donations by using the U.N. title without permission.
Odd bedfellows: North Korea, Arab world support Palestine for different reasons
Many countries in the Middle East as well as North Korea have found themselves on the same side as outspoken critics of Israel over its war against Hamas. But the Arab nations and the regime in Pyongyang, a violent persecutor of all religions, have very different reasons for their opposition, according to experts on Thursday.
Kremlin fears excessive support for Pyongyang may backfire
Pyongyang’s partnership with the Kremlin is painted as having no limits these days. North Korea’s media constantly talks about their relations expanding in almost all areas from diplomacy to sports, sending worrying signals that the regime may gain access to advanced Russian weapons.
Victims lured to North Korea by lies welcome Japan court's ruling against regime
Victims, who were lured into North Korea by its false promises of a “paradise on Earth,” have welcomed the Japanese high court’s ruling against the regime and a pro-North Korean group.
North Korea's next satellite launch unlikely to make deadline
After failing to put a reconnaissance satellite into space two months ago for the second time this year, North Korea immediately vowed to give it a third try by the end of October.
Closure of diplomatic buildings highlights North Korea's dire financial troubles
North Korea appears to be paring back its operations regarding diplomatic missions. Only several days after announcing that it will shut its embassy in Uganda, a vital partner in Africa, Pyongyang is now moving to close its consulate in Hong Kong, according to the Yomiuri Shimbun, a Japanese daily.
Countdown to Expo begins: PM embarks on Africa-Europe trip to promote Busan's bid
Prime Minister Han Duck-soo departed for Malawi, Sunday, on a whistle-stop tour across Africa and Europe in a last-ditch effort to promote Busan’s bid to host World Expo 2030.
Ruling party unveils members of innovation committee
A 23-year-old leader of a college's student body, an entrepreneur and 11 others, many of whom have little experience in politics, will lead reforms for the ruling party in what is expected to be a defining election for the Yoon Suk Yeol administration early next year.
Honorary Seoul citizenship for Indonesian envoy
Indonesian Ambassador to Korea Gandi Sulistiyanto, left, receives a certificate for honorary citizenship of Seoul by Mayor Oh Se-hoon at City Hall in central Seoul, Thursday. Oh expressed gratitude to Sulistiyanto for his contributions to improving relations between the two countries, including his support for Korea's efforts to secure urea from Indonesia in 2021 after China...
Significant civilian casualties inevitable in case of Hamas-like NK assault: experts
Speaking to lawmakers at Monday’s National Assembly audit of government affairs, Gen. Park Jeong-hwan, South Korea’s Army chief of staff, said he will redouble efforts to expedite the development and deployment of a new air defense system against North Korea’s possible imitation of Hamas’ attack on Israel.
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