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Reporter : Jung Min-ho
Sat, September 23, 2023 | 06:33
Gov't seeks to revise deportation law to protect North Korean escapees
The government is pressing ahead with amending the law to protect North Korean escapees from repatriation against their will amid an investigation into the 2019 decision to send back two North Korean fishermen despite their obvious resistance.
British peacemaker presents idea to break stalemate in Korea
After two Pyongyang-Washington summits that ended without an agreement, North Korea has refused to talk over the last three years, while intensifying its efforts to develop nuclear weapons. This situation paints a bleak future for the Korean Peninsula and the world. The chances of a conflict escalating into a nuclear catastrophe in the region are greater than ever before and ...
North Korea's strong interest in climate change offers opportunity for cooperation
Under the national principle of Juche, or self-reliance, North Korea shows almost no interest in working with other countries for a common cause. Yet North Korea sent a representative to last month's 27th U.N. climate change conference, known as COP27, in Egypt. The North also sent a representative to COP26 in Scotland a year ago.
[INTERVIEW] Author of 'Silent Invasion' warns against non-citizens' right to vote
The Chinese government has been accused frequently in recent years of trying to influence politics in other countries, including through direct interference in elections. Only several weeks ago, a Chinese woman living in Delhi under a false identity was arrested on suspicion of spying on senior officials of the Indian government. In January, a British lawyer of Chinese herita...
Korean gov't hints at depriving non-citizens of right to vote
The Ministry of Justice is mulling over revising Korea's voting system, possibly taking away the voting rights of non-citizens in local elections, according to Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon. Only two weeks prior to the June 1 local elections, Kim Eun-hye, then the Gyeonggi gubernatorial candidate of the ruling People Power Party, said giving non-citizens the right to vote is...
Chinese residents in Seoul join 'white paper' protests against Beijing's COVID policy
Chinese residents held a rally in Seoul Wednesday night in a rare - if not unprecedented - gathering here against the stringent COVID-19 measures in their home country, demanding freedom and human rights while covering their faces due to the fear of being persecuted.
Prime minister focuses on climate change in promoting Busan's Expo bid
In a video played to promote Busan's bid to host the World Expo 2030 at Tuesday's General Assembly of the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE), the international body that supervises the exhibitions, RM, the leader of K-pop boy band BTS, put forward climate change as one of the pressing issues for humanity. Comparing the current situation with the one described in “Squi...
Murder suspect extradited to New Zealand
A 42-year-old woman, who is suspected of killing her two children, has been extradited to New Zealand. According to the Ministry of Justice, Tuesday, the woman, surnamed Lee is a New Zealand citizen of Korean descent and was handed over along with evidence to the New Zealand authorities the previous day at Incheon International Airport.
Winter cold to bite starting Wednesday
After a milder-than-normal November in Korea, a strong cold front is arriving this Wednesday. According to the Korea Meteorological Administration, Monday, temperatures are forecast to drop below freezing in most parts of the country after rainfall on Monday and Tuesday.
[ANALYSIS] North Korean leader's daughter makes second public appearance
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's daughter, Ju-ae, made her second public appearance during an event where her father praised military officers for their progress in developing intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).