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Reporter : Lee Min-young
Tue, May 30, 2023 | 11:14
Yoon vows to rebuild nation by defending 'value of freedom'
President Yoon Suk-yeol was sworn in as president on Tuesday and promised to rebuild the nation as a responsible, respected member of the international community based on democracy and a free market economy.
Decades-old pub in Euljiro fades into history
A small, time-honored pub tucked away in an alley packed with back-to-back stores, near Euljiro 3-ga Station on Seoul Metro lines 2 and 3, is decorated with warning messages signed by the owner of the building.
Cramped life in 'gosiwon,' Korea's smallest, cheapest homes
Have you ever heard of 'gosiwon’? Gosiwon refers to a form of dormitory-style single room accommodation common in South Korea that first appeared around the 1980s, mostly near universities in Seoul.
BTS Jimin's $4.7 mil. house seized due to unpaid premiums
BTS member Jimin was found to have had his residence seized earlier this year due to his unpaid health insurance. His agency Big Hit Music admitted that the problem arose "due to the company’s negligence" and that it has since fully repaid the arrears.
WeThe15: a global campaign for people with disabilities colors the nation purple
South Korea has joined the global WeThe15 campaign for the first time marking the nation’s 42nd Day of People with Disabilities on Wednesday.
Wife, boyfriend caught after drowning husband for insurance money
Prosecutors sought formal arrest warrants Monday for a woman and her boyfriend who stand accused of causing the 2019 drowning death of the woman's husband for a hefty insurance payout, officials said.
Lawmakers discuss alternative military duty for BTS
The ruling and opposition parties have discussed the need for a swift review of a bill that will allow K-pop superstar BTS and other prominent pop celebrities to substitute their mandatory military service with other public service, a lawmaker said Tuesday.
Anti-war protesters talk about Russian propaganda, Russophobia, war crimes
Anti-war protests are being held across the world after Russia invaded Ukraine.
'We were never really welcome anywhere': People with disability fighting for rights in Korea
Protesters in wheel chairs have been holding daily protests at subway stations during the morning rush hour since December last year, calling for additional public spending on support for people with disabilities. They have been demanding the allocation of a budget to cover the installation of low-floor wheelchair accessible buses. Building a more inclusive society by grantin...
Korea's first lady mired in wardrobe scandal
First lady Kim Jung-sook has been hit with accusations of abusing public funds for clothing and accessories, and for instances of acting as a tourist rather than participating in the customary official events of Korean first ladies during state visits.
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