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Reporter : Lee Min-young
Sun, December 3, 2023 | 10:52
Korean films make splash at Cannes Film Festival
Korean films have set a record by taking two awards this year at the Cannes Film Festival.
US forces anger animal rights group for brutally executing stray cats with air gun
More than 10 stray cats have been shot and killed with an air gun by US forces at Osan Airbase, according to a news report from public broadcaster KBS.
Biden's secret service agent accused of drunk assaulting S. Korean
Two U.S. Secret Service agents who were working on Joe Biden's trip to Asia are being sent home after one was accused of drunkenly assaulting a South Korean the day before the president arrived in Seoul, officials said.
Actress Kim Sae-ron investigated for drunk driving
S. Korean actress Kim Sae-ron, 22, is investigated by the police for charges of drunk driving.
Cleaning up after 'godoksa,' lonely deaths in Korea
The Korea Times spoke to Kim Sael-byul, a trauma cleaner, or maybe a profession that should appropriately be called as a memento organizer, and listened to his experience of cleaning 'lonely death scenes,' where people die without anyone knowing, only to be discovered after their neighbors notice the smell. "There was a scene where a young woman took her own life with baby cl...
ARMYs begin to boycott BTS's controversial comeback song
Some fans of K-pop juggernaut BTS are boycotting the group's upcoming anthology album "Proof," as it includes a song written by Bobby Chung, who is suspected of sexually assaulting his ex-girlfriend and filming an illegal sex video of her.
Yoon vows to rebuild nation by defending 'value of freedom'
President Yoon Suk-yeol was sworn in as president on Tuesday and promised to rebuild the nation as a responsible, respected member of the international community based on democracy and a free market economy.
Decades-old pub in Euljiro fades into history
A small, time-honored pub tucked away in an alley packed with back-to-back stores, near Euljiro 3-ga Station on Seoul Metro lines 2 and 3, is decorated with warning messages signed by the owner of the building.
Cramped life in 'gosiwon,' Korea's smallest, cheapest homes
Have you ever heard of 'gosiwon’? Gosiwon refers to a form of dormitory-style single room accommodation common in South Korea that first appeared around the 1980s, mostly near universities in Seoul.
BTS Jimin's $4.7 mil. house seized due to unpaid premiums
BTS member Jimin was found to have had his residence seized earlier this year due to his unpaid health insurance. His agency Big Hit Music admitted that the problem arose "due to the company’s negligence" and that it has since fully repaid the arrears.
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