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Reporter : Lee Min-young
Thu, June 8, 2023 | 11:49
Man reported to police for allegedly abusing dog in public
An animal rights group reported a man to the police, Monday, for violating the Animal Protection Act. He allegedly yanked aggressively on his dog's leash, lifting the animal off the ground.
Squid Game star Jung Ho-yeon becomes Vogue's first Asian solo cover model
“Squid Game” star Jung Ho-yeon, has become the first East Asian cover model of Vogue in the fashion magazine’s 130-year history. She made her acting debut via the Netflix Korea original series “Squid Game” in 2021. She played the role of North Korean defector Kang Sae-byeok, or player 067.
North Korean defector crosses DMZ into North, undetected for hours
A N. Korean defector has crossed the heavily armed border from South Korea into North Korea, the South Korean military said on Sunday.
South Korea pardons jailed former President Park Geun-hye
Former President Park Geun-hye was set free Friday under a presidential pardon, after four years and nine months of imprisonment following her impeachment and ouster from office for corruption. The government said the decision was made in consideration of her deteriorating health and as part of efforts to promote national unity.
Design consultants help social startups navigate challenges
Today's competitive business world demands a sharp strategy that hits the bullseye, especially in the startup world. However, companies in their early days tend to direct their energy into just staying afloat, paying less attention to fixing minor hiccups that could throw the whole system into a tailspin.
BTS' Suga, RM and Jin test positive for COVID-19
Three members of the 7 member K-pop boyband BTS have been infected with the coronavirus after returning from in-person concerts in the United States.
'We don't need a third shot of COVID-19 vaccine': US virologist
The second part of our third interview with Dr. Djaballah, a virologist based in New York, following our previous videos on issues surrounding the coronavirus touches upon the reason why we don't need to get an additional shot of COVID-19 vaccine and whether COVID-19 treatment pills we be a game changer.
Are COVID-19 vaccines really safe for all?
Our third interview with Dr. Djaballah, a virologist based in New York, following our previous videos on issues surrounding the coronavirus touches upon the efficacy of the vaccines we have now and how certain vaccines can kill some people. Check out the video interview with Dr. Djaballah for more in depth.
Multicultural families suffer poor treatment at work: survey [VIDEO]
A large proportion of young adults and children with multicultural backgrounds and work experience here have suffered from unfair treatment, such as salaries that are lower than minimum wage and verbal abuse from employers, a survey showed Thursday.
Police to detain high-risk stalking suspects following murder cases
Stalking-related murder cases have occurred in Korea multiple times in the span of just a few short months, pressuring the police to come up with stronger response measures to better protect those in danger of becoming the victims of violent crimes.
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