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Reporter : Lee Min-hyung
Sun, December 3, 2023 | 07:38
Daimler Trucks Korea to reshape brand identity with electric trucks
Daimler Trucks Korea is set to reshape its future brand identity as a manufacturer of fully electric trucks, as part of its next-generation mobility growth strategy, the company said Thursday.
Hyundai, Hanwha, POSCO promote latest hydrogen tech
Korea's major conglomerates are displaying their state-of-the-art hydrogen technologies at the nation's largest industry fair, with a view to promoting eco-friendly energy use.
Citibank Korea, JPMorgan colluded for currency swap bid: Supreme Court
The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of a decision by the Fair Trade Commission (FTC) to slap penalties on four foreign financial firms, including Citibank Korea and JPMorgan, for colluding on currency exchange swap bids here, according to the antitrust agency, Wednesday.
McLaren 750S unveiled in Korea
The McLaren 750S is exhibited at an event venue on Some Sevit Floating Island in Seoul, Wednesday. The British luxury automotive manufacturer unveiled the vehicle for the first time here. The vehicle boasts a top speed of 332 kilometers per hour. Courtesy of McLaren
Korea urged to do more to bring back companies
Economists and industry officials, Tuesday, called for the government to provide enhanced corporate tax incentives to repatriate the overseas production lines of local firms, promoting domestic economic growth and job creation in the face of rising global protectionism.
POSCO discusses growth strategy for key businesses
POSCO Group has discussed sustainable growth strategies for its seven core businesses, as part of efforts to catch up with a major industrial paradigm shift, the company said Tuesday.
Kumho Tire workers threaten to strike, urge Doublestar to update local factories
Kumho Tire is at risk of an all-out strike by its workers, as China's Doublestar, which acquired the Korean tire manufacturer in 2018, has not fulfilled its earlier pledge to make equipment investments in Kumho's two outdated factories here, according to industry officials, Monday.
Samsung, Doosan, Hanwha intensify robotics rivalry
Korea's major conglomerates are moving to tap deeper into the robotics industry as demand for collaborative robots is soaring amid rising labor costs, according to industry officials, Monday.
LG promotes 2030 Busan Expo in Paris
A digital sign, set up by LG Group at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, promotes Busan's bid to host World Expo 2030. LG has been engaging in promotional activities in global cities such as New York, London and Paris. Courtesy of LG Group
Bleak outlook for wage negotiation weighs on automakers
The outlook remains bleak for automakers to reach a timely compromise with labor unions in wage negotiations as unionized workers refuse to back down from partial strikes against what they claim to be an “unsatisfactory” salary increases offered by management.