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Reporter : Kwon Mee-yoo
Thu, June 8, 2023 | 10:18
Prix Goncourt exhibition
Julien Cats, charge d'affaires a.i. at the French Embassy to Korea, delivers a speech on behalf of French Ambassador to Korea Philippe Lefort during the opening ceremony for the "Exhibition: History of Prix Goncourt" at the National Library of Korea in southern Seoul, Thursday. The exhibit aims to introduce the Prix Goncourt, a French literary award, to highlight bold and ori...
[INTERVIEW] As Georgia marks Independence Day, new ambassador vows to bolster ties
Setting his sights on strengthening relations between Korea and Georgia, the new Ambassador of Georgia to Korea Tarash Papaskua unveiled his diplomatic priorities, which include highlighting the human rights issues of Georgian internally displaced persons and strengthening economic and cultural exchanges between the two nations.
[INTERVIEW] How 'bojagi' helped adoptee reconnect with Korean roots
Dawn Tomlinson is a Korean adoptee who found her passion in "bojagi," or Korean wrapping cloths made with fabric strips or scraps, and she sees bojagi as a connection to her Korean heritage. The act of sewing leftover fabric fragments into bojagi resonates with her journey as a Korean adoptee rediscovering her roots, threading together the fragments of her identity.
'Economic cooperation is cornerstone of Korea-Vietnam ties'
The Korea Times hosted the second edition of its Global Business Club, spotlighting potential opportunities in Vietnam, a country that has risen to become Korea's third largest trading partner amid rising global uncertainties. Oh Young-jin, president-publisher of the English-language daily, opened the exclusive business club-style event at the Korea Press Center in central Se...
Vietnam rises as powerhouse in Southeast Asia
As international relations evolve and global economies transform, Korea is forging increasingly deeper ties with Vietnam, which last year became Korea's third-largest trading partner.
Brazil's Embraer hopes to operate flights at new Ulleung airport
Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer performed a demonstration flight between Seoul and the southeastern port city of Pohang and then over to Ulleung Island, May 15, to show the capability of the mid-sized E190-E2 passenger plane.
Global food festival celebrates diverse cuisines
Festivalgoers grab some ice cream amid the heat during the Seongbuk Global Food Festival Nurimasil held on the streets of Seongbuk District, Seoul, Sunday. The annual gastronomic event provides a taste of international cuisines in a district that houses more than 40 ambassadorial residences. This year, representatives from 18 embassies joined the festival to showcase their tr...
Argentine winemakers explore Korea's premium market
Argentina is one of the top winemaking countries in the world and is especially acclaimed for its Malbec wines. Known for their remarkable quality, Argentine wines are quickly becoming a favorite in Korea's burgeoning wine market.
UK minister for Indo-Pacific addresses climate, gender issues
British Minister of State for the Indo-Pacific Anne-Marie Trevelyan visited Korea from May 11 to 12, with the aim of enhancing cooperation on climate change and economic and regional security as part of the United Kingdom's ambition to assert a strong presence in the Indo-Pacific region.
Europe Day 2023 highlights 60th anniversary of Korea-EU ties
The Delegation of the European Union to Korea celebrated Europe Day 2023 on May 9, marking the 60-year milestone of shared accomplishments between Korea and the EU. Twenty-four member states presented diverse aspects of Europe from wine and cheese to Picasso and Moomins. During the celebrations at Samcheonggak in the heart of Seoul, EU Ambassador to Korea Maria Castillo Ferna...
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