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Reporter : Kwon Mee-yoo
Sat, September 23, 2023 | 13:16
Swiss Embassy unveils 60th anniversary program
Korea and Switzerland established diplomatic relations on Feb. 11, 60 years ago. The Swiss Embassy in Seoul scheduled over 25 events throughout this year to commemorate the occasion. To begin the celebration, the embassy released a teaser video highlighting the two countries' friendship through traditional paper cutting craft and a logo that symbolizes their national flowers,...
[INTERVIEW] Outpouring of help deepens Korea-Turkey ties after devastating quake: ambassador
Turkish Ambassador to Korea Murat Tamer conveyed his appreciation for the assistance provided by the Korean people for his country, which was hit by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake last week. Tamer added that the outpouring of help has "reopened the pages" of their shared history. The ambassador said the recent earthquake made him truly recognize the brotherly bond between Korea a...
[INTERVIEW] Serbia hopes to become Korea's gateway to Europe
Serbia is not widely recognized in Korea, however, the nation has been gaining more attention in recent years, mainly due to the success of its athletes and sports teams. Serbian Ambassador to Korea Nemanja Grbic expressed his hopes for increased cooperation across a broader range of areas between the two countries in an interview with The Korea Times at the country's embassy...
UK, S. Korea collaborate to defend against cyberattacks
The British Embassy in Seoul hosted Cyber Week, which consisted of a series of events aimed at promoting collaboration between South Korea and the United Kingdom on cybersecurity, bringing together experts from the U.K. and South Korean governments as well as the private sector.
International Greek Language Day
Kim Kee-young, left, translator of Homer's "Odyssey," shakes hands with Greek Ambassador to Korea Ekaterini Loupas after an event introducing the Greek classic at Youngpoong Bookstore's Jongno Branch, Thursday. The event was organized in commemoration of International Greek Language Day, which falls on Feb. 9, to celebrate the significant role the Greek language has played in...
German, Israeli embassies jointly honor Holocaust victims
The United Nations established Jan. 27 as International Holocaust Remembrance Day to pay tribute to the victims of the Holocaust and raise awareness through education to prevent future acts of genocide.
Support for earthquake victims in Turkey
Korean rescue workers move equipment for quake-related support to Turkey at the National 119 Rescue Headquarters in Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province, Tuesday. Korea will send more than 60 rescue workers and provide $5 million in emergency humanitarian aid to assist Turkey, hit by a ma...
[Q&A] NEOM CEO confident of building unrivaled futuristic city in desert
NEOM is a highly ambitious and innovative mega project of Saudi Arabia, developing a series of smart cities along the Red Sea in the northwestern region of the country. The $500 billion project is attracting attention from around the world for its scale and innovation. "A new development built from the ground up at the global crossroads, NEOM incorporates the world's most adv...
Argentina hopes to strengthen nuclear cooperation with Korea
Argentina's Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Daniel Filmus visited Korea last week for four days, meeting with a Korean minister and top scientists to discuss cooperation in the field of science with a focus on nuclear energy and lithium.
[INTERVIEW] Saudi Arabia seeks greater cooperation with Korea in NEOM
Korea and Saudi Arabia have a strong and long-standing relationship, particularly in the energy, infrastructure and construction sectors. This friendship is now poised to enter a new phase with NEOM, a massive smart city development project in northwestern Saudi Arabia, as Korea seeks to play a prominent role in the construction of the megacity.