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Reporter : Lee Kyung-min
Sun, December 5, 2021 | 09:58
Kakao Pay IPO clouded by overhang, overvaluation issues
Kakao Pay, the payment subsidiary of IT giant Kakao Corp, is coming under stock overhang pressure, due to the possible release of up to over 37.12 million shares held by Alipay, an online payment platform operated by China's Ant Financial upon Kakao Pay's planned initial public offering (IPO) next month.
[Reporter's Notebook] Korea asked to speed up discussion on bitcoin ETF launch
The recent launch of bitcoin futures exchange-traded funds (ETF) in the U.S. is a stark reminder of how far Korea is lagging behind its global peers in discussions over the development of a digital financial market, bogged down in large part by nervous policymakers, regulators and legislators questioning the validity of digital currency.
IMM PE primes pump for Able C&C deal
IMM Private Equity (IMM PE) is accelerating efforts to bolster the corporate value of Able C&C, a Seoul-based cosmetics and household goods manufacturer, in hopes of turning the loss-reporting firm into another success story in the local mergers and acquisitions (M&As) market, following Hollys Coffee.
Influencers, platform operators under audit for tax evasion
The country's tax authorities have begun investigating high-profile figures over suspected tax evasion.
Tailim Paper IPO draws controversy
Criticism is mounting against a planned bid for an initial public offering (IPO) by Tailim Paper, a delisted corrugated cardboard manufacturer blasted for its widely undervalued share price and high dividend payouts upon delisting in 2016.
[Contribution] Climate Response Fund's effectiveness will be determined by 'how well it is spent'
As the COVID-19 pandemic has unfolded with its severe economic and social implications, OECD governments have responded with unprecedented fiscal resources to support businesses and families in order to mitigate its effects. Korea has been especially resourceful in its use of budget measures in this regard.
China's disappointing Q3 growth unnerves Korea
The impact of China's disappointing growth in the July-September period should be monitored closely by Korea, a trade-reliant economy which sends over a quarter of its exports to the world's second-largest economy, market watchers said Tuesday. China accounts for 26.1 percent of Korea's exports, a figure much higher than Korea's second-largest trading partner, the U.S., with ...
Korea faces possible 3 percent inflation
Korea is expected to register inflation of over 3 percent this year, driven by soaring raw material prices compounded further by hesitancy among oil producers.
Korea falls far behind in decarbonization: climate advocacy
Korea's overall climate action remains highly insufficient, as indicated by its heavy reliance on fossil fuels for energy generation, government financing for coal projects and a shortfall in its carbon emissions target, global climate advocates said Monday.
Tightening lending rules to hit young, low-income borrowers hardest
Borrowers in need of loans for “jeonse,” or Korean-style deposit lease payments, remain highly concerned, despite a recent government announcement that mortgage loan seekers will not be subject to tightening lending rules implemented to curb snowballing household debt over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Unique to Korea, jeonse is a home renting system whereby tenants pa...
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