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Tue, February 27, 2024 | 10:04
Korea's 'ambitious' plan to attract Chinese tourists unlikely to live up to expectations
Korea's “ambitious” package measures to attract 2 million Chinese tourists by year-end are not likely to work out as intended as they are pressed for time in achieving the goal and fall short of reflecting current trends, according to the tourism industry and experts.
Visa fee waiver unveiled to attract Chinese tourists
The government announced, Monday, a set of measures to attract Chinese tourists to Korea, including an electronic visa fee waiver and duty free shopping tax refund for tour groups from China. In addition, it will make efforts toward improving quality of travel by developing high-value tourism products at reasonable prices and preventing overcharging and high-pressure sales wi...
Noryangjin's seafood merchants struggle amid Fukushima wastewater concerns
Seoul's Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market usually bustles with customers this time of year, purchasing seafood for the upcoming Chuseok holiday. But the popular market was unusually quiet on a recent Friday. “This is the worst that I've ever seen,” a vendor who has worked there for over 20 years told The Korea Times, preferring not to be named.
Banksy's famed artwork debuts in Korea with new name
INCHEON - Making its Korean debut with a fresh identity, Banksy's iconic yet ever-transforming artwork has been unveiled as "Girl without Balloon" at Incheon's Paradise City resort.
Culinary tale of tonkatsu as iconic dish of Mount Nam
Tucked away in the bustling heart of Seoul, against the scenic backdrop of Mount Nam, is Sopa-ro - a hillside drive lined with an array of restaurants, all offering the same menu featuring giant-sized Korean tonkatsu.
High costs discourage young Koreans from getting married
Kim Myung-jin, 31, an office worker who has set a date to get married next year, got a rude shock on more than one occasion upon learning how expensive wedding-related services are in Korea as she began preparing for the big day.
Calls grow for steps to limit number of political banners
Amid a surge in complaints by the public as well as safety concerns over political banners mounted outdoors, calls are growing here to put a legislative restriction back in place to regulate political parties from putting them up.
Gwangju's plan to honor communist composer stirs controversy
A plan to build a park in Gwangju in honor of communist composer Jeong Yul-seong, who was born in the city in southwestern Korea, has sparked sharp division in public opinion.
Koreans uncomfortable with emergence of tipping culture
Out of the blue, tipping culture has burst onto the scene with some restaurants, cafes and even taxi-hailing platforms asking customers for tips.
Lawyer-and-mother offers legal guide for parents with digital-native children
Lee Su-ji, a lawyer with 10 years of experience who is also the mother of a seven-year-old child, has published a legal guide for parents with digital-native children, who grow up under the ubiquitous influence of modern information technologies, social media and potential exposure to digital crimes. In her first book published last month titled, “My child's SNS that I didn't...