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Wed, November 30, 2022 | 10:24
Literacy levels among Koreans falling
Korea boasts a literacy rate of 98 percent, meaning that almost everyone aged 15 and above can read and write, however, an increasing number of people seem to be having difficulties using certain literacy skills in their daily lives.
Western, traditional Korean medicine doctors clash over terminology
Western and traditional Korean medicine, both of which are widely practiced in Korea, take different approaches in treating a patient. The former focuses mainly on diagnosing a disease based on a patient's symptoms and treats ailments by using drugs and surgery. In contrast, traditional Korean medicine approaches diagnosis, treatment and prevention as a whole, with the aim of...
Commemorating National Liberation Day
President Yoon Suk-yeol, center, takes part in a ceremony at the Seoul National Cemetery in Dongjak District, Seoul, Sunday, to transfer the remains of 17 independence fighters buried at a cemetery in Northern Seoul to the Daejeon National Cemetery, ahead of the 77th National Libe...
Seoul City to phase out semi-basements as dwellings
The Seoul Metropolitan Government is planning to phase out the use of semi-basements as dwellings as a number of people living in semi-basement flats were killed when Seoul was hit with torrential rains and flooding, underscoring the vulnerability of those in poor living conditions. Seoul and its surrounding areas were pounded with record-breaking rainfall for two straight da...
Korea urged to take preemptive steps to deal with climate change-induced disasters
After Seoul and its surrounding areas were battered by record-breaking downpours over the last two days, experts are calling for preemptive mitigation and prevention efforts, warning that the country may witness more extreme weather events caused by climate change.
'Pandemic kids': Plan to lower school entry age backfires
First grade in elementary school is widely considered a milestone year for children, when their academic learning begins in earnest, leaving behind the play-based activities of kindergarten. They also begin to create their individual identities outside of the home and acquire social skills through daily interactions with peers. The debate about the ideal age to start school i...
Amid explosive COVID-19 spread, gov't announces 'targeted' measures
The government announced “targeted” quarantine measures, Wednesday, while the country is grappling with an explosive increase of infections driven by the super contagious and antibody-evading BA.5 Omicron subvariant.
Number of non-family households hits record high
An office worker surnamed Jeong, 29, has been living together with her boyfriend for over two years in a studio apartment in Yeongdeungpo District, southwestern Seoul. Saving rent and spending more time together were the main reasons why they chose to live together, but two years on, Jeong feels there are many more benefits.
Gov't to launch research department to improve refugee screening
The Ministry of Justice is seeking to launch a new department dedicated to collecting and analyzing data on human rights, security and political situations in crisis-prone countries, in an effort to better ensure fairness and transparency in Korea's refugee-screening process. The ministry has recently announced plans to conduct research into overseas cases in operating Countr...
Gov't plan to lower school entry age faces strong backlash
The government's plan to lower the age of entry to elementary school to five years old from the current six by as soon as 2025 is triggering hot debate among teachers, parents and civic groups. During a policy briefing to President Yoon Suk-yeol on Friday, Education Minister Park Soon-ae said her ministry seeks to lower the school-entry age to five and thereby allow children ...
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