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Reporter : Lee Hyo-jin
Wed, November 30, 2022 | 09:56
Medical tourists return to Korea as pandemic ebbs
The medical tourism industry was one of the sectors hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic as countries around the world imposed travel restrictions. But now, with borders opening up again, foreign nationals seeking medical treatment are coming back to Korea.
City gov't leaders discuss ways to tackle global crises in Daejeon
Over 1,200 city government officials from around the world gathered in Daejeon to discuss ways for cooperation in tackling global crises at the United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) World Congress hosted by the Daejeon Metropolitan Government. The UCLG is a global network of cities and metropolitan governments, committed to representing the voices of local municipalities...
[SPECIAL REPORT] Filipina's Korean dream dashed by trafficking, sexual coercion
ISABELA PROVINCE, Philippines - On the evening of Sept. 5, Nica's powerful voice filled the dimly lit live music bar located on a roadside in Ilagan, the capital city of Isabela Province in the northeastern region of Luzon Island. Nica is a pseudonym given to the victim for safety reasons. The Filipina singer, who is pretty well known in her province, sang a list of soulful p...
State audit agency grilled at Assembly over fisheries official's death
The National Assembly's audit of the Board of Audit and Inspection (BAI) continued on Tuesday with rival parties clashing over issues surrounding the state agency's probe into the previous government's handling of the killing of a South Korean fisheries official by the North Korean military. The session came to a halt less than 10 minutes after it kicked off as lawmakers of t...
Laws restricting family members from criminal liability face calls for revision
A set of laws exempting individuals from being held criminally responsible for property crimes such as theft, fraud and embezzlement against their family members is facing calls for revision, in accordance with changes in family structures in modern society. Under Article 328 of the Criminal Act, property crimes are not punishable if committed against close family members - s...
Adoption agency denies fabricating documents of Danish adoptees
Adoption agency Holt International has denied allegations that it had forged adoption documents, in response to claims made by a group of Danish adoptees who said their adoption proceedings involved irregularities by Korean agencies.
Harvard to rectify Korean history distortion in course book
A professor of Harvard Business School, who co-authored a textbook on Korean politics and history, said he plans to make editorial changes to rectify historical distortions in the book, which a local civic group pointed out.
Experts warn of imminent 'twindemic'
Korea should brace for an imminent “twindemic” of seasonal influenza and the coronavirus, according to medical experts, who worry that the possible double whammy of viral infections may strain the country's medical system. While the country had avoided harsh flu seasons in the past two years thanks to COVID-19-induced precautions, an active flu season has been anticipated thi...
Gender equality ministry to be scrapped as promised
The government is materializing its plan to abolish the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, despite criticisms from women's rights groups and opposition parties who worry that the move will undermine gender equality efforts.
[INTERVIEW] Danish adoptees demand Korean gov't to probe dark past of exporting babies
Peter Moller, 48, who was adopted to Denmark from South Korea in 1974, reached out to Korean adoption agency Holt International for the first time in 2011 to search for his roots. Holt initially told the Danish adoptee that he was born in Seoul. But in subsequent letters, the adoption agency said he was actually born in Daejeon. Moller was then told that his biological mother...
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