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Thu, July 7, 2022 | 17:00
Ceremony held for 'No Hate Comments Day'
Students and teachers from over 40 schools in the country have participated in a seven-day campaign from May 17 to 23, calling for the eradication of malicious comments online, according to the Sunfull Foundation. The foundation also held a virtual ceremony on Monday, marking “No Hate Comments Day.”
Labor union opposes resumption of late-night subway operations
Unionized workers of Seoul Metro are strongly protesting against the city government's plan to resume late-night subway operations, a measure proposed to tackle the worsening nighttime taxi shortage in the capital
Korea, US agree to establish global health security office in Seoul
Korea and the United States have agreed to establish a global health security (GHS) office in Seoul, which is expected to increase Korea's role in the US-led health security initiative.
Yoon acknowledges need for gender equality after query by US reporter
President Yoon Suk-yeol said he plans to ensure that more opportunities will be given to women, in response to a U.S. reporter's question about Yoon's male-dominated Cabinet and the administration's plans to improve gender equality in Korea. During a joint press conference held after the summit with his U.S. counterpart, Joe Biden, Saturday, Yoon received the question from Wa...
Korea, US to launch dialogue channel on economic security
Korea and the United States have agreed to launch a dialogue channel on economic security between the two presidential offices, with an aim to strengthen technology cooperation, according to Seoul's presidential office, Friday
NASA Artemis mission draws attention as Korea, US seek cooperation in space
Space cooperation is expected to be one of the key agenda items at the upcoming summit between President Yoon Suk-yeol and his U.S. counterpart, President Joe Biden, on Saturday, as the two leaders will likely discuss plans on how to bolster collaboration in the Artemis program, a U.S.-led future moon landing project.
North Korea wary of COVID-19-driven social unrest
The North Korean regime has called for its people to stay united against the COVID-19 pandemic, assuring them that the virus situation can be maintained at a manageable level, in what appears to be a move to relieve public fear and anxiety stoked by the unprecedented health crisis.
Koryoin restaurant owner receives immigrant award
Jeon Olga, a restaurant owner in the “Koryoin Village”neighborhood of the southwestern city of Gwangju, will be honored with the Prime Minister's Commendation, recognized for her yearslong dedication to supporting fellow ethnic Koreans from former Soviet Union states as they adapt to Korean society.
Why doctors oppose Nursing Act legislation
The legislation of a new law called the Nursing Act, to specify the roles of nurses, has emerged as a hot-button issue in the medical community. Nurses and doctors are sharply divided over the bill, and the standoff between the two groups is escalating.
Immigrant voter turnout declines in local elections
A record-high 120,000 foreign residents are expected to be eligible to vote in the upcoming June 1 local elections. As a result, the turnout of these voters has drawn the attention of both political parties and candidates. The local elections are the only chance for non-Korean nationals to express their opinions on issues by voting, but previous turnouts show that such voters...
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