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Mon, December 11, 2023 | 02:56
Cheonghae Unit deploys to Somali waters
Family members wave as the 3,200-ton Gwanggaeto the Great destroyer carrying the 40th rotation of the Cheonghae Unit departs a naval base in Busan, Wednesday. The newly deployed troops will be dispatched to the Gulf of Aden for an anti-piracy mission and other maritime security operations through November. Yonhap
Trilateral cooperation between Seoul, Washington, Tokyo in full swing
Trilateral cooperation between South Korea, the United States and Japan in the security realm is picking up momentum as the three nations team up against shared threats from North Korea's evolving nuclear programs and, furthermore, China.
Ukraine renews call for lethal aid from Korea
Ukraine is renewing calls for Korea to extend its provision of aid to include lethal weaponry to counter Russian attacks after President Yoon Suk Yeol, in a recent interview, opened the possibility of such aid to Kyiv under certain conditions.
[ANALYSIS] Is Yoon-Biden summit a win-win for both S. Korea, US?
The summit between President Yoon Suk Yeol and U.S. President Joe Biden ended on a high note, with the two leaders vowing to deepen the bilateral partnership in multiple areas including security and the economy.
China disturbed by S. Korea-US nuclear weapon agreement: experts
A new agreement between Seoul and Washington to deploy U.S. nuclear-armed submarines to South Korea is a worrisome development for China, according to analysts, who see the agreement as an indication of South Korea's indirect support for America's strategy to contain China.
[ANALYSIS] Washington Declaration means US' rejection of nuclear-armed S. Korea
The United States' pledge on strengthened extended deterrence seems insufficient to quell growing skepticism among South Koreans about the U.S. nuclear umbrella, according to local analysts, who expect to see continued public calls for Seoul to acquire its own nuclear arsenal.
Yoon downplays surveillance scandal ahead of summit with Biden
President Yoon Suk Yeol said the U.S. government's alleged surveillance of his senior officials will not shake the ironclad trust between the two nations, downplaying the spying scandal ahead of his summit with U.S. President Joe Biden.
S. Korea expected to play bigger role in operation of US nuclear assets
Seoul and Washington are likely to agree on carrying out joint planning and joint execution of U.S. nuclear assets, according to defense analysts, Tuesday, which would mark a major upgrade of the U.S. extended deterrence provided to its ally.
Biden urged to offer bold strategy against North Korean threats
Gaining clear reassurance from the U.S. on extended deterrence against North Korea's nuclear threats should be one of the top priorities for President Yoon Suk Yeol in his upcoming summit with U.S. President Joe Biden, according to overseas analysts, Monday.
[INTERVIEW] Yoon-Biden summit offers chance for Korea to become 'global pivotal state'
The upcoming summit between President Yoon Suk Yeol and U.S. President Joe Biden slated for Wednesday will be a chance for South Korea to show progress in its goal to become a “global pivotal state,” says Oh Joon, former South Korean ambassador to the United Nations. “The symbolism of the summit will be something to be played up. This one will be a state visit rarely given by...