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Reporter : Kim Jae-kyoung
Sat, December 9, 2023 | 08:33
[INTERVIEW] Economy set to continue solid growth in 2018
A noted global economist forecasts the South Korean economy will muddle through 2018 and continue to show resilience by benefiting from robust performances of the United States and China.“The economies of both the U.S. and China should do better in 2018,” Sohn Sung-won, professor of economics at California State University-Channel Islands, said in an interview.
Diplomacy with US, China not a 'zero-sum game'
For many South Koreans, diplomacy with the United States and China is a zero-sum game.
Protectionism, biggest threat to Korea Inc in 2018
South Korea should brace for more protectionist measures from the United States as Donald Trump's “America-first” strategy is expected to gain momentum in 2018, according to a noted U.S. business professor.
S. Korea, a 'benign alternative' to ASEAN
SINGAPORE - South Korean President Moon Jae-in should develop a differentiation strategy to compete with Japan and China in the ASEAN market for his New Southern Policy to succeed, according to a Singapore-based expert on ASEAN-Korea relations.He believes South Korea is not as big as Japan or China but the country has its own strategic strength over the two economic heavyweights and can play an important role in the integration of the regional bloc.
[INTERVIEW] China should do more to avert more THAAD deployments
China should play a bigger role in reining in North Korea if it doesn’t want to see the deployment of more U.S. missile defense batteries here, according to a renowned North Korea expert based in the U.S. He said that President Moon Jae-in should take a more sophisticated approach toward China to achieve dual goals - preserving the nation’s right to self-defense and restoring strained relations with China. “The Moon administration needs to walk a very fine line, insisting as a matter of principle that it has a right to self-defense while exploring defensive options that suit the circumstance...
Debt, unemployment to curb growth in 2018
Household debt and youth unemployment will be the biggest obstacles to Korea's economic growth in 2018, according to global economists.They forecast that the nation's economic growth will slow to a moderate pace at the upper 2 percent level due to a cyclical downturn in IT products as well as sluggish domestic consumption.“South Korea is set to outperform most 2017 economic growth forecasts made a year ago, and this is largely due to a surge in demand for the region's electronics exports,” Vince Conti, an Asia-Pacific economist at S&P Global Ratings, told The Korea Times.
Korea urged to speed up regulatory reform
The financial industry is evolving rapidly due to technological progress.No one doubts that the future in finance is based on technology and that all financial services can be replaced by fintech, or financial technology. Blockchain, which powers bitcoin, is a good example of how fintech can revolutionize the financial landscape.Against this backdrop, financial regulators around the world are rushing to streamline rules to create an environment allowing market players to try new ways and introduce more innovative services.
S. Korea urged to guard against North Korea's attack on Bitcoin
South Korea should beef up its vigilance against North Korea's possible attack on Bitcoin exchanges, international experts on North Korea warned Wednesday.They said that with Bitcoin continuing to rise, the cash-strapped regime is highly expected to step up its efforts to hack exchanges of digital currencies in a desperate bid to evade sanctions and eventually earn hard currency.Tara O, an adjunct fellow at the Pacific Forum CSIS based in Washington, said North Korea's attempts to hack digital currencies, including Bitcoin, are happening on a big scale.
Will Bitcoin go into mainstream?
Bitcoin is back on an upswing as its futures trading has begun in Chicago, and some investors believe this could signal Bitcoin's move toward the mainstream. Despite many warnings of a bubble, investors at home and abroad are still betting on the leading digital currency. The Korea Times interviewed three market experts to get their opinion on the digital coin's listing on th...
Forces driving Bitcoin craze
SINGAPORE - Bitcoin, the leading digital currency, went through a chaotic run last week. It surpassed through the $19,000 mark Thursday for the first time before falling more than 20 percent to the $15,000 level on the Coinbase exchange in the U.S.Despite the crazy run, investors are taking little heed of a warning over a bubble and the possibility of fraud. They are rushing ...