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Reporter : Kim Jae-kyoung
Sun, December 3, 2023 | 07:48
'Kim Jong-un's goal has not changed'
President Moon Jae-in and his close aides deserve credit for easing tensions on the Korean Peninsula recently, to the point of getting an invitation from North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to Pyongyang.
US may talk with N. Korea
The United States appears to be cautiously considering dialogue with North Korea over denuclearization as Pyongyang has stepped up a peace offensive including a proposal for an inter-Korean summit. The White House's National Security Council (NSC) said the U.S. was “willing to engage North Korea” to emphasize its position that the complete and verifiable denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula was non-negotiable.
'Denuclearization' should be top of agenda
South Korean President Moon Jae-in should make it clear that North Korea should place denuclearization on the agenda if it really wants an inter-Korean summit, according to a former high-ranking U.S. diplomat. He said that without raising the issue, the summit will be just an empty meeting jeopardizing relations between South Korea and the United States, and other allies.
Is global economy heading for another crisis?
At this year's World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland, in late January, a financial crisis was one of the key topics among economists and bankers.Although chances are still slim, they said the global economy and financial markets have become more vulnerable as a result of prolonged loose monetary policies. They are particularly concerned financial authorities are unp...
ASEAN athletes dream big in PyeongChang
The Winter Olympics in PyeongChang is expected to be the coldest-ever Games in history. A group of athletes from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) may feel the chill much more as they spend most of their lives in a winterless region where the entire year sees temperatures higher than 20 degrees Celsius in most places.
Markets undergo 'overdue correction'
SINGAPORE - Is this temporary turbulence or the beginning of another financial crisis?In the midst of growing volatility, many investors are getting lost with the direction of markets.Legendary investor Jim Rogers believes that U.S. markets are undergoing a correction after an excessive run-up so the massive sell-off Monday following an initial drop Friday should be considere...
Korea should guard against global trade wars
SINGAPORE - South Korea must speed up its move to diversify export markets in a bid to minimize potential effects from U.S.-led global trade wars, according to Alicia Garcia-Herrero, Asia-Pacific chief economist at Natixis. She said Donald Trump’s stiff tariffs on washing machines and solar panels are signaling the beginning of trade wars against foreign competitors, particul...
'Let evolution do its job for bitcoin'
Financial authorities should minimize any activities to regulate cryptocurrencies so they can evolve in favor of humans, according to James Rooney, vice chairman of the Seoul Financial Forum.“I do not see there needs to be regulation of cryptocurrencies per se, but simply normal enforcement of prudent social regulations that should apply to any activity, like no cheating, res...
Korea should brace for IT downturns
SINGAPORE - South Korea should prepare for a possible downturn in the information technology (IT) sector to ensure sustainable growth in 2018, according to the ASEAN+3 Macroeconomic Research Office (AMRO). The office cited aftereffects of the government’s income-led growth strategy, household debt and U.S. protectionism as other challenges that may prevent the Korean economy from growing at a faster pace in 2018. “Given the recent good performance, we don’t see any serious obstacles for this year’s growth. However, the faster growth of the Korean economy may require a sustained recovery in p...
[EXCLUSIVE] South Korean envoy to Singapore sacked; reason unknown
SINGAPORE - South Korean Ambassador to Singapore Lee Sang-deok has been dismissed from his post, allegedly for his leading role in the controversial 2015 reparations deal over Japan sexual slavery of Korean women. The dismissal was confirmed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), Tuesday. But it refused to explain the concrete reason for his abrupt departure. The ministry...